– Tel Aviv, Israel(Hexa PR Wire– September 26, 2023)–Coinscan, a recognized multi-chain and layer 1 charting platform, has announced its strategic expansion into broader markets. The move aims to respond to the needs of cryptocurrency traders by offering a platform where comprehensive data is accessible.

Integrated Trading FrameworkUnlike some platforms that necessitate users to manage multiple tabs, Coinscan aspires to provide an all-encompassing solution. The objective is to enable traders to access data, execute trades, and analyze holdings within a unified framework, which could enhance operational efficiency.

Data Update EfficiencyA comparative edge that Coinscan claims over competitors like Coinmarketcap is its data update rate. The faster data update rate could be instrumental for traders requiring real-time market insights.

Transparency CommitmentTransparency remains a foundational ethos for Coinscan, with a commitment to providing accurate data without manipulation. This commitment is aimed at ensuring that traders have reliable information for their investment decisions.

User Demographics and FeaturesCoinscan has structured its platform to cater to a wide spectrum of traders, from novices to experienced professionals. Upcoming features such as pending transactions are expected to provide insights into ongoing transactions, which could potentially assist in understanding market movements.

Holdings Analysis and Social IntegrationAdditional features like holders’ analysis may allow traders to scrutinize token distribution across various wallets. Moreover, the integration of a social feed aims to provide a real-time aggregation of relevant market news and social media posts.

CEO StatementEliran Ouzan, the CEO of Coinscan, remarked on the necessity of reliable, transparent, and swift data for traders in the evolving cryptocurrency market. He pointed out the platform’s goal to provide a consolidated space for all crypto traders without the need for managing multiple tabs.

As Coinscan forays into expanded market territories, the platform aims to equip traders with tools envisaged to contribute to a coherent trading experience. For more details about Coinscan and its offerings, visit coinscan.com.

About CoinscanCoinscan is a multi-chain and layer 1 charting platform striving to redefine interaction in the cryptocurrency market, with a focus on transparency, speed, and user-friendliness.

Contact InformationEvan Steinhilb: VP of Operations

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