Atlanta, Georgia(Hexa PR Wire–November 9, 2023)–In a significant development within the personal finance sector, Ditch has announced the launch of its new application designed to manage debt through artificial intelligence. This application represents a novel approach in the industry, aiming to alter the conventional methods of handling personal debt by incorporating AI-driven insights and solutions.

Luis Andino, Founder and CEO of DitchAbout Ditch: A Synthesis of Technology and Financial ExpertiseDitch, founded by Luis Andino, a graduate in computational mathematics from RIT and a former data scientist in a multi-billion dollar FinTech lending company, represents a blend of technological innovation and deep understanding of consumer financial behavior. The creation of Ditch is rooted in Andino’s experiences in the financial sector, combined with his entrepreneurial ambition to offer a more effective solution for managing debt.

App Features: Tailoring Debt Management with AIDitch’s core mission is to empower individuals to achieve financial independence through a combination of personalized financial education and innovative debt management tools. The application specifically targets the millennial and Gen Z demographics, offering an AI-powered platform that provides insights and strategies for effective and efficient debt repayment.

Key Features of the Ditch App:

Comprehensive Debt Dashboard: Users can easily track all their debts in one place, getting a clear picture of their financial obligations.Personalized Spending Insights: The app offers a detailed view of spending patterns, providing tailored suggestions for smarter, sustainable financial habits.AI Financial Concierge: Ditch introduces ‘Dash,’ an AI assistant available for real-time financial consultations, including queries like weekly expenditure on specific items.Strategic Debt Payoff Plan: The app generates a personalized plan, advising users on prioritizing debts effectively for quicker payoff.Educational Courses: Ditch includes educational modules to deepen users’ understanding of debt and minimize financial stress.Unified Debt Payments: The platform allows for convenient payments to various debts, centralizing the debt management process.Ditch, LogoThe Inspiration Behind Ditch: Luis Andino’s Personal JourneyThe inception of Ditch can be traced back to Luis Andino’s early life in Santo Domingo, where he developed a keen sense of entrepreneurship and a deep understanding of the challenges in managing personal finances. His transition to the corporate world in the United States further solidified his resolve to create a solution that addresses the root causes of debt. Ditch is a culmination of Andino’s vision to blend technology with personal finance, offering a unique approach to debt management.

Contact InformationDitch – number: (404) 482-0033
Ditch – email : [email protected]
Ditch – LinkedIn: @ditch


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