Miami Beach, Florida(Hexa PR Wire–October 6, 2023)–Continuing its growth trajectory since its beta launch this year, Hexa PR Wire has incorporated over 50 new sources into its distribution list. With an additional 50 publications slated for inclusion by September 1, the firm reinforces its commitment to broadening its reach in the press release distribution domain.

Hexa PR Wire provides two main service tiers for its clientele: a Standard Press Release and a Premium Press Release. The Premium option allows for distribution to channels including Yahoo News, Insider, and Bloomberg. Anticipating diverse client needs, Hexa PR Wire has also signaled the introduction of a third tier come mid-November.

Founded by Michael Peres (Mikey Peres) in 2022, Hexa PR Wire is a press release distribution service that assists businesses in distributing their public announcements. Prioritizing accuracy and timely delivery, Hexa PR Wire ensures that news from various sectors reaches its intended audience. The platform provides different distribution tiers to cater to diverse business needs and has recently expanded its network of news sources. With a straightforward approach to press release distribution, Hexa PR Wire aims to be a reliable conduit for businesses to share their news and updates with the public.

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