Milford, Connecticut(Hexa PR Wire–January 17, 2024)–VKTRY Gear, a pioneer in insole technology and leader in sports insoles, has announced the launch of Platinum VKs. This launch combines the benefits of custom orthotics with the full-length, aerospace-grade carbon fiber baseplate that VKTRY Insoles have become known for. This development aims to offer enhanced athletic performance and injury protection capabilities for people desiring a custom fit.

Platinum VKs complement VKTRY’s over-the-counter Gold & Silver insole line-up. Shift in Insole Design Departing from the conventional foam and plastic construction of most insoles, VKTRY’s carbon fiber insoles are designed to help athletes improve their performance. Scientific studies suggest these insoles can potentially aid in increasing running speed and vertical leap. VKTRY’s carbon fiber baseplate functions as a dynamic spring, storing and returning energy in a way that traditional foam insoles simply cannot.

VKTRY athletes immediately experience the energy return and added explosiveness. Customization Tailored to Athletes Because all athletes are not alike, VKTRY has a proprietary algorithm which uses the athlete’s gender, age and body weight to determine the proper spring strength of the baseplate. For example, a 300 pound nose tackle needs more spring action than a 100 pound tennis player.  Determining the proper spring strength of the baseplate provides optimal performance, protection and comfort for the athlete.

VKTRY baseplate with 5 unique “Pro Levels” (spring strength) to match each athlete’s unique needs. Foundational History of VKTRY Founded by Certified Pedorthist Matt Arciuolo, VKTRY was initially conceptualized to enhance performance for the USA Olympic Bobsled Team. Specifically, the carbon fiber insole increased explosiveness during the push phase. The product’s introduction is linked to the team’s success, including a gold medal victory in 2010 for the first time in 62 years.

Message from Olympic Gold Medal Winning Team USA to VKTRY founder Matt Arciuolo Market Position and CEO’s Remarks Steve Wasik, CEO of VKTRY, commented on the brand’s unique position in the insole market. With a retail price significantly higher than traditional foam insole brands, VKTRY has garnered attention from a younger demographic, primarily under the age of 30. The brand’s strong social media presence (1.6M followers), reflects its popularity and differentiation from other insole brands. “I believe that the VKTRY brand is closer to Nike than it is to Dr. Scholl’s,” said Wasik.

VKTRY has helped runners achieve better times and some athletes get their first dunks. Scientific Backing and Athlete Usage VKTRY highlights testimonials from sports medicine professionals and independent scientific studies from institutions like the Korey Stringer Institute and Harvard Mass General to support their product claims. The company reports usage of their insoles by athletes across numerous professional and college teams and has endorsements from elite athletes like Julio Rodriguez, Jordan Larson, Padraig Harrington, Reggie Bush and Jonathan Taylor.

All-Pro Jonathan Taylor led the NFL in rushing yards while wearing VKTRY Insoles. For more information, visit VKTRY’s website at and follow them on Instagram at @TeamVKTRY.

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Contact Information Steve Wasik, CEO: [email protected]

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