4 Ways to Create a More Affordable Child Care Facility


Starting a business when it comes to child care will have quite a few licenses and forms of insurance associated with it. The time that is taken to get licensed will allow an entrepreneur or someone that just wants to help find a location. Location is everything and a property owner might be willing to work with a person on the rent due to the business being related to child care. Other businesses might have far higher profit margins and a child care facility that is successful can turn into an indefinite rental contract. Purchasing a cheap piece of land to build on or that already has a building can be an option as well. Below are 5 ways to create a more affordable child care facility whether you work for the county or are investing your money into the project.

Adding a Metal Building Rec Center

Adding a child care metal building can completely change the feel of an afterschool program or daycare facility. There can be a few buildings that are added to a piece of property with little to no building done on the site. Metal buildings can be a great option as they are cost effective to build, are long-lasting, and are quick to erect. They are also ideal because they much easier to clean, which is essential being around kids!  Concreate or tile can be much easier to clean when doing this daily.

Open Space Matters!

Purchasing a property with a reasonable amount of acreage is important as children can roam as they please. The expensive part of this will be fencing the area as keeping the children safe is important. You do not want wildlife to invade the property or any children to wander off. Checking out the property taxes in an area is important as tax rates can differ immensely depending on what location you select. Avoid purchasing a property with a lake or body of water though as this is just another hazard to worry about.

Referral Marketing

The best thing that can be done is that of referral marketing from current enrollees in a child care program. People are going to listen to others that they trust when it comes to caring for their children. Making this referral program is going to be important as you want to incentivize the parents of current program enrollees. Discounts for child care are common in this model as being able to trust your child care provider is imperative especially if the program is already affordable.

Open House Events

Throwing open house events for potential enrollees in a child care facility can show parents what the facility is all about. There are plenty of areas that can be focused on whether there is a computer programming class or a class that teaches basic instrument skills. The job of staff is to make the program look exclusive and management should stress early enrollment. Being able to fill the program to capacity will save money as there will be no reason for marketing online or by using traditional marketing tactics.

Creating a child care facility that is top of the line and affordable will surely attract parents. Take the time to reduce costs so more money can be spent on the children and the programs they will take part in!