Nesting is a new post-divorce co-parenting strategy in which the children remain in the same home and the parents move in and out. The purpose of nesting is to ensure that children have a stable living arrangement. However, nesting is also difficult for divorced parents to coordinate. It relies onContinue Reading

Throughout early education, students are typically taught a curriculum including reading, mathematics and art. These subjects are an essential foundation for a child’s future schooling, however lessons in science are often lacking. Keep in mind about 25% of parents think science is not being highlighted enough in school. Luckily, thereContinue Reading

Sure, we all give our kids multi-vitamins, but many of us don’t consider giving them additional supplements. We figure that can come later in life when their bodies slow down on producing the nutrients they need. But additional nutrients we should consider adding to their dietary routines are omega 3’s.Continue Reading

As a parent, it is our responsibility to provide our kids with everything they might need; basics such as food, clothing, shelter and, of course, a good education, are all essentials for a growing child. Any form of sport is beneficial to children, as daily exercise helps the growing bodyContinue Reading

Narcissistic spouses are significantly more challenging to divorce than non-narcissistic people. The need for attention, lack of empathy, and interpersonal exploitation make these spouses extremely hard to reason within divorce cases. Non-narcissists must know what to expect from narcissists and develop well-thought-out strategies to protect themselves. Understanding the Tactics ofContinue Reading

Interactions with unfamiliar animals can sometimes lead to an animal bite. The rate of infection after a cat bite is about 50%; for dogs, the rate is 10 to 15%. Knowing prevention methods for an animal bite and how to seek treatment if a bite happens is important to maintainContinue Reading

Why It’s Important To Teach Your Children About The Environment   Teaching respect   Teaching children about the environment can help to teach respect and consideration. If children grow up knowing to be considerate of their surroundings and their physical environment, they will always know to consider other groups of peopleContinue Reading

By now, many of us are familiar with how beneficial fish oil can be. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential in many aspects of health. It reduces the risk of disease and improves cell function. As we get older, we tend to pay more attentionContinue Reading