When Lorina Troy’s second son, JJ, was born, she had no idea there was any potential problem with her child. She did not know that an ultrasound near the end of her pregnancy had shown JJ’s head to be two weeks larger than normal. No doctor mentioned there being anyContinue Reading

car with family

Children are our future, and if those children are yours, it’s your responsibility to keep them safe while driving them to and fro. Driving with your kids can be stressful, but thankfully, there are some simple precautions you can follow to ensure you’re all properly protected from potential harm. Here’sContinue Reading

Maybe you just had your first baby or recently moved, or maybe you’re simply searching for a new doctor for your child. You don’t know where to begin in your search, and even if you’ve searched for pediatricians in the past, there is so much to consider that you’re feelingContinue Reading

They may not own houses or contribute to 401(k)s, but kids deserve to know the basics of financial literacy as soon as they understand how money works. Parents who help their children with money from the beginning can set a foundation of good habits that will last a lifetime. YouContinue Reading

How to Keep Your Crawling Baby Safe Around the House

It’s hard to choose a favorite stage of childhood development. As a parent, they’re all exciting and meaningful. But one of the best experiences is when a child first becomes mobile by learning how to crawl. Crawling – and eventually walking – opens your baby up to a world ofContinue Reading

Carefully considered family planning allows partners a great deal of empowerment and freedom as they decide when to conceive and when to avoid conception. Many women have at least one pregnancy in their lives, yet about half of all pregnancies aren’t planned.  With the rise in contraceptive choices, women haveContinue Reading