Certain actions of divorced parents can be considered bad co-parenting, even if they seem justifiable. While some bad co-parenting habits are obvious, others may be harder to pinpoint. The following are some warning signs of bad co-parenting. 1. Unwarranted Threats to Call or Calling Police/DHS A child may arrive homeContinue Reading

Camps are a staple of summer for a number of children. This summer might be different due to social distancing restrictions but digital camps are also available. The summer potentially being free of children at a camp can be the perfect time to revamp the camp. Hiring people that areContinue Reading

The signs of daycare negligence are not always obvious. For that reason, it is crucial for parents to learn what to look out for in their children. Daycare providers act negligently when they fail to provide a reasonable level of care and can be held legally responsible for their actionContinue Reading

family life insurance

When it comes to life insurance, there are a whole host of misconceptions running rampant in the popular consciousness. This is partly due to the fact that life insurance is a big decision, so there’s confusion surrounding the topic, and plenty of intricacies to navigate.  In the absence of expertContinue Reading

Nesting is a new post-divorce co-parenting strategy in which the children remain in the same home and the parents move in and out. The purpose of nesting is to ensure that children have a stable living arrangement. However, nesting is also difficult for divorced parents to coordinate. It relies onContinue Reading

Throughout early education, students are typically taught a curriculum including reading, mathematics and art. These subjects are an essential foundation for a child’s future schooling, however lessons in science are often lacking. Keep in mind about 25% of parents think science is not being highlighted enough in school. Luckily, thereContinue Reading

Sure, we all give our kids multi-vitamins, but many of us don’t consider giving them additional supplements. We figure that can come later in life when their bodies slow down on producing the nutrients they need. But additional nutrients we should consider adding to their dietary routines are omega 3’s.Continue Reading

As a parent, it is our responsibility to provide our kids with everything they might need; basics such as food, clothing, shelter and, of course, a good education, are all essentials for a growing child. Any form of sport is beneficial to children, as daily exercise helps the growing bodyContinue Reading