5 Great Career Choices for Teenagers Today

If your child is currently studying their final few years of formal education, their thoughts would be turning to career options, and in this age of digital development, there are many great career paths that might suit your son or daughter. It should be the goal of very young person to seek out their real passion in life, although this is easier said than done, and with that in mind, here are a few sectors that offer challenging and very rewarding career opportunities.

  1. Digital Marketing – This is a booming sector and when you consider the very obvious need for all industries, a career in digital marketing will ensure a secure future. If you look at the large number of customers that receive SEO services from Move Ahead Media, one of Australia’s leading SEO agencies, you can see how much of a demand there is for this specialist work. Of course, you would have to start as a trainee, and if you have a good basic understanding of IT, this would be sufficient for entry level into the SEO sector.
  2. Robotics – The robotics industry is currently developing at an exponential rate, and with artificial intelligence, automated manufacturing is literally just around the corner. Your child could embark on a career in robotics, with either design, installation or management, all of which are in high demand. If a student has good grades in maths and the sciences, this would provide a springboard into the robotics industry, and there lies a rewarding and challenging career for those who have the determination to move forward. Here is an interesting article on why cursive writing is still in demand, even in the digital age we live in today.
  3. Security – The security sector will always be in demand, and whether working as a security guard or learning how to manage video surveillance systems are both good career choices if you like working with people. There are security courses available from online learning institutions that will result in obtaining a license to work within the security business, and by taking quite a few courses, you can then apply for a job with one of the security agencies to gain some valuable work experience, while also continuing to learn the theoretical sections.
  4. Blockchain Developer – Blockchain technology is the future and there will always be a high demand for blockchain developers to create and manage open ledger systems. Bitcoin utilises a blockchain platform, which is said to be hack-proof, and all governments, corporations and companies will soon be moving their critical data onto blockchain platforms. If you are worried about the current Coronavirus pandemic, here is some updated UK government information.
  5. White Glove Logistics – When technical equipment needs to be transported, installed and configured, there is a special type of hi-tech logistics called white glove, and this involves the setting up of technical equipment by qualified technicians. Things like automated access control systems, ATM installations, fitness and medical hi-tech equipment to be installed in hospitals and clinics, and with constant on the job training, you would soon be qualified to work on many types of hi-tech systems.

All of the above are booming sectors and if your child has a high interest for a particular field, you should encourage them to pursue this as a career.