Attorney for Injury at Daycare

As a parent, it’s scary when our children get hurt. It can be painful for the entire family when a child is injured . . . especially at the hands of another person or daycare. Daycare injuries happen every day. While sometimes it is normal, everyday bruises and scrapes, other times the injury is caused by negligent and abuse from daycares and employees of daycares, sadly declares Steinberg Goodman & Kalish

When our child gets hurt, it can be safe for families to pursue legal action when they can prove that the injury was caused by a negligence of the staff. Once your child has been hurt, first get them medical attention. You want to make sure they are safe and cared for before pursuing legal action. 

Next, you will want to contact legal aid in order to get a free consultation. You can visit the website of an attorney for an injury at daycare. You will explain the case and the circumstances to their team, and they will decide whether or not to take your case. If they take your case, they will begin an investigation into what happened, and you can help. 

You can get the story from multiple people in the daycare. You can ask for a copy of the incident report and possibly any camera footage (if the daycare has cameras). You should also take pictures and videos to show the extent of the damage. This would include bruises, scrapes, burns, marks, etc. 

Attorneys for injuries at daycare can handle:

  • Broken bones and fractures
  • Surgical intervention
  • Severe burns
  • Wrongful death

Daycare lawsuits are common throughout the United States and law firms understand the importance of being able to seek help with your child has been hurt or injured at daycare. 

Having a lawyer will help you get what you deserve in a lawsuit. A lot of times insurance companies and businesses want to pay little to nothing at all in restitution. In these cases, it is easy to be taken advantage of. 

Law firms have a soft spot when it comes to childhood injuries at the hands of a negligent daycare or daycare employee. The state of Texas is obligated towards the safety of children and will work in your favor if you can prove the daycare was at fault. 

If you win a settlement, it will normally be held until the child turns 18. You have 2 years to file a case for damages or injuries, but the longer you wait the more difficult, and even impossible, it becomes to win a case. It is best to report it to an attorney for injury at daycare as soon as possible. 

You can contact a law firm for more information on how to pursue legal action towards a daycare after an injury to your child.