Benefits of Elderberry for Kids’ Immune Systems

Kids get sick. Their immune systems have not been exposed to many illnesses so they have not yet built up a defense to certain ailments. This makes them susceptible to colds, flus and other types of sickness.

Parents that don’t want their children getting sick will do what they can to build up their immune systems. This includes feeding them an antioxidant rich diet and following up with the right supplements.

Studies have shown that elderberries could be an effective way to strengthen kids’ immune systems. Read on to find out more.

What are Elderberries?

Elderberries come from a variety of trees called Sambucus. The berries and flowers of these trees are edible, but they must be cooked before they are consumed. If they are uncooked, they are toxic and may cause vomiting, nausea and diarrhea.

Elderberry can also be taken in supplemental form.

Elderberry and the Immune System

Elderberry is rich in cytokines that boost the production of immune cytokines that protect the body from illness.

They also contain antivirin, an antiviral agent that prevents viruses from invading cells and replicating. The fact that it stops viruses from replicating means it may reduce the duration of cold and flu symptoms.

What Studies are Showing

Elderberry looks good on paper. But can it really prevent illness?

Two studies showed that elderberry was effective in shortening the severity and duration of flu symptoms. Participants who consumed the fruit in supplemental form recovered more quickly than those given a placebo.  

However, a more recent study showed that there was no difference in severity and duration of flu symptoms when comparing placebo patients and elderberry patients.

Other Health Benefits

In addition to its potential to boost immunity, elderberry is said to provide several other health benefits. It may treat the following conditions:  

·  Constipation

·  Kidney problems

·  Joint and muscle pain

·  Fever

·  Respiratory infections

·  Headaches

·  HIV and AIDS

·  Stress

·  Minor skin conditions

·  Epilepsy

Elderberry Possible Risks

Elderberry will provide optimal health benefits if taken safely. Here are some possible risks you should know about.

·  Elderberry may cause reactions in people with immune system problems.

·  Elderberry may cause allergic reactions including rashes and difficulty breathing.

·  Elderberry is a diuretic, so be careful when combining it with medications that encourage urination.

Best Sources of Elderberry

Elderberry’s potential to boost the immune system and provide other benefits has made it a favorite with parents who want their kids to stay healthy. But as elderberry is not FDA approved, you want to source it from a brand you can trust.

New Chapter is a provider of individually cultured nutrient rich vitamins and minerals. Their Kids Elderberry Syrup and Honey contain elderberry antioxidants that boost the immune system year-round. It is sweetened with throat soothing honey and has a great taste kids will love.

When it comes to keeping your kids healthy, you really can’t risk not including elderberries in their diets. It’s all natural so as not to cause any side effects when taken safely, and its antioxidants will help boost your child’s immune system. How will you be including it in your kid’s dietary routine?