Packaging is everywhere. It’s the box holding your new flatscreen TV, the bag of chips you’re holding right now. Packaging is the bags you bring home from the grocery store, and the plastic around your paper towel roll. It’s not just limited to the packing peanuts that came with yourContinue Reading


With fond and innocent memories of grade school, followed by the inevitable growing pains of middle school, and final transformative years of high schools, many adults recall their formative years with joy. Within those glimpses into the past, many people recall friendships, particular events, and even their favorite subjects. InContinue Reading

According to a Financial Security Index survey conducted by Bankrate recently, only one in five working Americans are actively saving money from their paychecks each month. This low rate has not changed significantly in the past four years. That same study found that American parents were among those who didContinue Reading