Does Your Child Have the Flu?

Every parent worries when their child is suffering from what may be the flu. They become fractious and, let’s face it, messy. But recent reports from pediatricians around the country indicate that a lot of worried parents take their child to the ER when a simple visit to the doctor would be sufficient.

Heading into the new year, the CDC says that this year’s flu season is very widespread, but so far the virus strain that most adults and children get has not been very severe. But that’s hard to tell in a child who may not be able to completely describe exactly how they’re feeling. Children, of course, crave attention, and so if mom and dad suddenly become much more available because of a little cold, it’s only natural for the child to exaggerate their symptoms for more attention. 

Doctors recommend that a child should be taken to the emergency room if they exhibit any of the following conditions:

Noticeable dehydration. This means sunken eyes and chapped lips, plus listlessness.

Difficult breathing or loud wheezing. Check to see if their lips are turning blue.

A high fever along with a change in behavior.

Neck pain or severe headache that makes bright light painful to them.