Dr Jay Feldman about Instagram

dr jay feldman

Dr Jay Feldman says Instagram is a perfect platform for the growth of audiences compared to other social media accounts. To increase the presence of our social media accounts there are many ways and steps to follow to increase our account growth on social media. The top-notch priority for growth would be the definition of your business or hub to your audience. Promoting your account or business using various trending hashtags would make it easier for the audience to approach. By posting constantly on social media accounts there would be a built-in relationship between you and your audience. Once the main relation of two main sources builds the accounts or business automatically starts to grow. Dr Jay Feldman mentioned If we take review famous Instagram accounts, we get to know they use their main content or specific business in each and every post. You just have to decide what you have to post and when, but make sure it suits your profile posts and future business.

Unique content

Creating quality and unique content attracts more people to your account. We should listen to our audience and what they want and in what manner. By engaging an audience and with a peak of followers your account handle becomes strong and approachable for others. It helps people to show interest in your profiles and communicate with you for future collaborations, PRs, and sponsorships which you have to manage like a boss. By using filters to add different spaces to your photos or videos, it adds more high quality to your content.

Formal presentation

Instagram is no more about friends, family, and social gatherings, the new era has changed a lot and with the passage of time, millions of people are on.

Instagram has changed its handles from private to public, Dr Jay Feldman said. These people create such tremendous and authentic posts and ideas that it catches the eyes of many. It’s better to upload top-notch photos or videos less frequently than that photos that are minimal and common.

Dr Jay Feldman

This is a successful thought and applied to any content creation. Many influencers who are new to their Instagram public accounts tried to compare themselves with other influencers which results in disappointment. Each and every single being is unique and has new ideas to post and create, Dr Jay Feldman says.

Stay loyal and authentic

You should always stay loyal and authentic to the content or business which you have started. Thus, initial collaborations and PRs will not do that much justice to the content that you do. Both online and offline, the main target always would be to remain genuine and authentic to your content.

When you have a peak audience and followers then you should start collaborating and accepting PRs on that level so that your followers must receive some uniqueness from your guide side. Strat partner shipping with trustful brands on a long-term basis, that adds trust of your audience on your content.

Using genuine and authentic content

That’s the main factor of any growing account that they remain loyal to their brand or content. They know what they are doing with so much enthusiasm and justice. They always remain loyal and true to their audience no matter how much discouragement they face but they believe their ideas and content turn discouragement into encouragement for them. It’s always the best thing to know whatever you have offline or in the background you showed that online too. Your audience feels the real you from the posts you share. Once they are attracted to it then it’s all about playing with your content ideas.