How To Deal With A Hurricane Before And After The Severe Storm

Hurricanes can be extremely scary if you are not prepared. The importance of preparation is that you could be without power or running water for days. Residents in certain states have a preparation routine down as they see hurricanes on an annual basis. Flash flooding along with storm surges leads to those videos that break the hearts of those around the country. Living in an area where hurricanes are possible requires you to prep even if it is not in your nature. The aftermath of a storm can be even more challenging if displaced by the storm. The following are tips to help you deal with a hurricane before and after the storm.

Get Your Roof Inspected Before Hurricane Season 

A wind damaged roof insurance claim can be so important to file. The roof keeps you dry during the rainier times of the year which in the southeast means hurricane season is approaching. Roof inspection can help identify any areas that might need to be repaired. You do not want to find water damage after a hurricane which can bring multiple days of nonstop rain. The winds can also rip off shingles if they are not secure enough. 

Prepare Even Though You’ve Been Through It Before

Getting ready for a hurricane can be quite stressful. You should likely have supplies in case of emergency a month or so before hurricane season. Additional bottles of water will be consumed regardless if you have to consume them due to perils faced due to a hurricane. Getting the home and property ready is also very important. You want to have limbs of trees trimmed so they do not come crashing through windows or your roof. 

Evacuate And Don’t Risk Braving The Storm 

There are so many stories about people that needed emergency help due to a refusal to evacuate. This puts emergency personnel in danger when they have to come rescue those that were required but ignored evacuation orders. The dangers are not just the wind and rain but the access that emergency crews have to a place. Roads are washed out due to storm surges along with flooding. There are likely safe places to stay with family or friends that might live at a higher elevation. 

Contact Your Insurance Company Immediately After Damage

Insurance companies can be notoriously slow when it comes to paying claims after a large storm. You need to get an adjuster into your home as soon as possible after damage occurs. You do not want the process to extend due to calling when a company is swamped with claims. Lawsuits have even been filed by consumers against companies that took far too long to pay policies or canceled policies the day before a hurricane hit. 

Hurricanes are a part of life for so many people in the southeastern and northeastern US. Even states like that of New Jersey and New York deal with hurricanes. The flooding and damage from Hurricane Sandy were extremely substantial and took copious amounts of time to recover from.