How to Ease Breastfeeding Discomfort

Breastfeeding is best for babies. All health professionals agree that this offers the best nutrition for your baby’s development and is preferable to formula feeding. The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends that feeding your baby exclusively for 6 months on breast milk is the best solution as this not only provides your baby with the right balance of nutrients, but it can also reduce your risk of later developing some forms of cancer.

The problem with breastfeeding is that this does not suit everyone. Some mothers are reluctant to breastfeed, others struggle with discomfort, and in many cases, it can seem easy to switch to bottle-feeding or carry out a combination of breastfeeding combined with formula top-up.

So what causes breastfeeding discomfort? 

There are many reasons why breastfeeding can cause discomfort. 

Hormone fluctuations are a likely cause. These usually kick in on a cyclic basis when you have your period because progesterone and estrogen can cause the breasts to swell and to feel lumpy and tender. If this is a cause of your breast discomfort, you will probably notice your breasts becoming tender and painful a couple of days before your period starts. 

Sometimes the breasts can become engorged with milk. This can make breastfeeding painful and the only way to ease the pain is to express some of your milk yourself. You can store this in a sterile bottle, so it gives you the option to bottle feed your infant via this method.

The baby does not latch on correctly. Although breastfeeding is supposed to be easy and natural, your baby does not know! Often a baby will fail to suck correctly, causing sore nipples and soreness. When this happens, and it is very common, getting some advice from a lactation expert may help you find a solution to the problem.

Mastitis is an issue. If the milk ducts become infected, the pain may be intense and lead to painful nipples, redness and blistering. If this happens you will need to take antibiotics to clear the infection and feed your baby formula milk until the drugs are cleared from your system.

The important point to remember is that breastfeeding should not be uncomfortable. To help you stay pain-free during breastfeeding there are some remedies that may help.

Earth Mama Organics Booby Tubes Gel Free Breast Packs are natural, gel-free breast packs in organic cotton shells designed to help ease breastfeeding discomfort. They contain flax seeds that can be heated or used cold and applied to the breasts. Used warm they can soothe the breasts and offer comforting support against discomfort. When they are applied cold, they can reduce redness and swelling and help prevent mastitis. 

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