How to Manage a Home Renovation Project When You Have Kids

Home renovation projects become far more complex when you have small children. The children might need to nap during the day which is nearly impossible if roofers or bathtub refinishing is going on. Teenagers are going to be far easier to manage as they can stay at a friend’s house if they need to. Managing home renovations needs to be done carefully when you have children. The last thing anyone wants is a young child or contractor to get injured due to something your child did. The following are tips to managing a home renovation project when you have children.

Airbnb a Place for the Duration of the Project

Airbnb a place in your hometown that has a pool or other options for entertainment. Turn the week of the renovation into a mini vacation for the kids. Change of pace is nice especially with all of the social distancing restrictions that have had families locked down for extended periods. You want to be within driving distance to home to check out progress and eliminate the need to rent a car. Airbnb is a great option but make sure that you stay at a rental with great reviews as these accommodations can vary vastly in quality.

Plan the Project When Your Children are Visiting Family

Kids visit cousins and grandparents over the summer quite frequently. This might stay for a week which can be the perfect amount of time to get the renovation project done. You are going to want to stay in town during the project in case there are any issues that the contractor needs to discuss with you in person. Summer camps have been canceled around the country but there are still some running. Sending your kids to camp can be a great break for you as parents and the perfect opportunity to get work done on the home.

Budget Out More Than You Need

The last thing that you want is not to budget out enough leading to the home being in disrepair for an extended period of time. You want your family life to go back to as normal as possible. Budgeting out more than you have been quoted is also important in case the contractors encounter unforeseen problems. Water damage and black mold can be two of the worst situations along with the rotting of wood. Budget out an extra 20 percent to be safe and this money can be used for something else if it isn’t used to the renovation project.

One Small Project at a Time

One small renovation project at a time is a popular option for those people with children. Working on one bathroom simply means that another bathroom needs to be used. Gutting the kitchen, bathrooms, and redoing bedrooms can make a home unlivable and force a family to stay elsewhere. Prioritize your projects and create a plan that includes saving for the projects.

As you can see children make a renovation project a bit more complicated than a couple without kids working on their home. Don’t delay though as home improvement projects will only increase the resale value of your home.