How to Tackle Holiday Stress with Talkspace

Holiday gatherings don’t always bring smiles, cheer, and happiness like the sappy movies and cards would want you to believe. Many people find time with family during the holiday’s equal parts welcoming and relaxing, as well as stressful. What causes stress during a time portrayed as one filled with joy and glee? Talkspace learned that a few top stressors cause worry for most families.

Those stressors include:

1- Politics

Political discussions cause deep emotions in families and with friends, especially when they conflict with the opinions of other family members. Many people are sick of hearing about politics while others welcome every argument or discussion possible. If you’re in the first category, make sure the family knows your stance concerning political conversations and stick to it. Talkspace reviews state that avoiding political discussions altogether is the best way to maintain peace of mind.

2- Family Problems

A growing number of people use Talkspace to help deal with various types of family issues in their homes. It is such problems that cause holiday hassle in many families. Family problems of various sorts may cause trouble. This includes issues such as divorce. Avoid contact with people in the family with whom there is conflict or strong emotion. There is no rule that says you must be around anyone who makes you uncomfortable.

3- Judgements

Family tends to judge one another with a no holds bar type of attitude. If your family has a strong opinion of the way you live your life, holidays are not easy when you come together. It is unnerving to hear welcomed and sometimes harmful opinions. While there is nothing that you can do to change their opinion, you can prevent their thoughts from hurting you. Life is too short to live it for others. You know what is best and what makes you happy and that is what is most important.

4- Loneliness

Loneliness is also rampant during the holidays for people who’ve lost loved ones during the year or even years’ past. It’s also difficult for people who are without families of their own to share the time with. If you fall into the lonely category, Talkspace reviews shed light on why it’s a online therapy service that can turn your frown upside down and help prevent the loneliness that you feel around the holidays.

5- Returning Home

Returning home causes a lot of emotions for many people. They miss times of past, family, friends, and the nostalgia of being at home. They hate the thought of leaving family again. Returning home can also be a cause of stress for some people who would rather be anywhere else in the world. When returning home cause you unsettling emotions, hold tight to memories that you should and let go of those with no place in your mind or heart.

Holiday stress from the items above causes worry in more families than other causes. Which of the stressors do you find most troubling? Every family has its share of problems. Some are big; some are small. Understand that you are not alone and that there is a solution for every situation can make the holidays more bearable.