Insurance to Consider Getting Pre and Post Child Birth

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Insurance isn’t typically the first thing on the minds of expectant parents. Focus is usually on things like parenting education, such as learning how to change a diaper, decorating the nursery and choosing the best baby stroller. But having the right pre and post child birth insurance is arguably the single most important part of having a newborn. Here are some vital insurance options to consider getting pre and post child birth.


Pre Child Birth Insurance Considerations


Life Insurance

Each year, thousands of women die during childbirth in the U.S. While the odds are statistically low, it is a possibility; especially in the case of difficult births, such as breach births. For a single parent, having a life insurance policy in place during this unthinkable event can be a lifesaver. The same goes for the expectant father. Whether or not the father is the breadwinner, a life insurance policy helps to protect the financial security of the new mother and child.


Home Insurance

If your new baby isn’t the only new addition, you may need to upgrade your home insurance policy. Putting on a new addition to the home to accommodate your growing family means you’ll need to let your insurance representative know about the changes. Furthermore, if your home every needs safety work done, such as mold remediation, you’ll be glad you have adequate home insurance to cover the costs.


Auto Insurance

With a baby on board, you’ll want to ensure that you have add-ons like roadside assistance and rental car coverage on your auto insurance policy. This will help to ensure that you and your new baby aren’t stranded alone on the highway or without transportation to essential pediatrician appointments while your vehicle is being repaired.


Post Child Birth Insurance Considerations


Dental Insurance

Children often need extensive dental treatment for things like cleft lip, tongue-tie, overbite, underbite and other complications. Having adequate dental insurance makes these expenses more manageable. If your primary health insurance doesn’t cover orthodontics and other dental needs, you can buy separate coverage from various insurance companies.


Life Insurance For Baby

You should also consider life insurance for your newborn. At such a young age, you’ll get a better rate when you start the policy as soon as possible. There are various life insurance policy types to choose among, such as term and whole life, which can be cashed in when it comes time to send your young genius to college.


Newborn Health Insurance

Be sure to add your newborn to your family’s health insurance policy, because coverage won’t be automatic. You’ll be able to get coverage for pediatric care, immunization, well-child checkups and for any special prescriptions your child may need.


Other Insurance to Know About When Raising Children


As your child grows, they may participate in sports or travel with schoolmates attending events. You should always consider insurance needs, which may include sports injury coverage and travel insurance, as well as other specialized insurance.

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