Kevin Seawright Teamed Up With The Christ Haven Pentecostal Church To Give Back To The Kids

During the holiday season, people struggle with a variety of issues. From job layoffs to battling hunger or finding themselves without family or friends, the holidays can prove to be difficult for people of all ages. And for children who will wake up on Christmas morning without any presents under the tree, it can be even more devastating. However, thanks to RPS Solutions LLC Managing Partner Kevin Seawright, more than 200 kids, as well as 200 adults in Philadelphia and the surrounding area, were the recipients of a toy drive and holiday luncheon at Christ Haven Pentecostal Church.

Living By Example

For Kevin Seawright, helping others at Christmas or any other time of the year is nothing new. A business executive who always views challenges as opportunities to change people’s lives for the better, Kevin has spent the majority of his career working with various community groups and organizations to foster stronger communities, neighborhoods, and career opportunities for those in need. Having coached local youth sports teams, served on advisory boards of many non-profit organizations, and partnered with churches to help people during holidays and in times when disaster relief was needed, Kevin has indeed been a person who sets the standard when it comes to helping others.

Organizing a Toy Drive

When Kevin realized there were many people in the Philadelphia area who would have a less than stellar holiday season, he and his company RPS Solutions LLC sprang into action. Partnering with Christ Haven Pentecostal Church, Kevin and his team of volunteers went to work. A vital part of Philadelphia suburbs since the early 1980s, Christ Haven Church knows the area and its residents well. Working alongside Pastor William Todd, Kevin and many volunteers discussed what needed to be done and how to go about it in an efficient manner. Afterwards, they set out to plan the toy drive and holiday luncheon. This included deciding on what toys would be best for the children, age groups that would be served, designating drop-off locations, partnering with local first responders, schools, and other organizations to help spread the word about the toy drive and luncheon, and having volunteers sort out the goods, cook the meals, and help with set-up and even transporting people to the luncheon.

Strengthening the Community

If there is one thing Kevin knows how to do, it’s make communities stronger through various initiatives. As the Managing Partner at RPS Solutions LLC, he has worked tirelessly to provide affordable housing options to residents in many neighborhoods. Believing people should have the chance to realize their full potential, Kevin knows that affordable housing always lead to stronger economic growth, increased educational opportunities, lower crime rates, and lives that are transformed for the better. And to prove Kevin has made numerous contributions in this area through the years, he has been a part of capital construction projects for educational facilities and residential properties totaling more than $600 million.

Respect, Justice, and Quality

Because the core values of RPS Solutions LLC are respect, justice, and quality, it’s clear by Kevin’s actions toward others that he wholeheartedly embraces these values in all aspects of his life. By believing all people, regardless of their situation in life, deserve to be treated with the utmost respect, Kevin is no stranger to seeing that everyone is treated fairly and has access to opportunities that provide them with a good quality of life. Through his work at RPS Solutions LLC, he has seen firsthand that by providing people who have limited resources with quality housing opportunities as well as other chances to feel better about themselves, lives improve dramatically.

Hundreds of Smiling Faces

At the toy drive and luncheon held at Christ Haven Church, there were literally hundreds of smiling faces. With toys being handed out to infants as well as teenagers, numerous children had a Christmas many never expected to see this year. And of course, a variety of great food was served as well, enabling those who would otherwise have little if anything to eat for Christmas the chance to eat a good meal while surrounded by people who truly care about them. And judging by the success of this year’s event, chances are very good Kevin and his group of holiday volunteers will be hard at work next year preparing for yet another toy drive and luncheon.

Hard-Earned Respect

Through his years of hard work, Kevin has earned the respect of virtually everyone who has come in contact with him. Whether on the job or as part of a volunteer effort to strengthen communities, Kevin realizes there is still much work to be done. However, with his strong work ethic and commitment to helping people from all walks of life improve themselves year after year, it’s clear Kevin is on the right path.