NANO Hearing Aids: Suitable For All Ages With Great Reviews

NANO Hearing Aids: Suitable For All Ages With Great Reviews

Approximately 38.2 million Americans have reported some degree of healing loss, that is 14.3% of all Americnas have a hearing loss problem, according to John Hopkins Cochlear Center for hearing and Public Health. In adults The National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) says that approximately one in every three people in the United States, between the ages of 65 and 74 have difficulty hearing. These are staggering statistics, however many think that hearing loss only occurs in older age. About 2-3 of every 1000 children in the US are born with detectable hearing loss in one or both ears. Fifteen percent of school aged children between the ages of 6 and 19 have some degree of hearing loss. It’s quite obvious that hearing loss is not a condition that affects only the elderly.

The Hearing Aid Market

The NIDCD has reported that approximately 28.8 million adults in the United States can benefit from a hearing aid. Within the hearing aid market, more than 4.2 million hearing aids were dispensed in 2019. The hearing aid market is big, and in a saturated market there are many hearing aid options to choose from which can be overwhelming for consumers and patients. There are loads of different shapes and sizes as well as hearing aids that are technology driven or slightly more manual. 

Hearing Aids on the Market

We have looked into many hearing aid companies to see which company is most suitable for all age groups. NANO Hearing Aids is one of the most competitive brands in the US hearing aid market today. There are many other great hearing aid companies like Eargo Hearing Aids, Lively and MDHearing Aids which are also affordable and popular. Hearing aids should at least have background noise reduction, sound environment settings and should either be rechargeable or battery operated. Make sure to read customer reviews and compare products and prices with each other before buying a hearing aid. 

NANO Hearing Aids 

It seems like young, middle-aged and elders really enjoy NANO hearing aids products. Their hearing aids are technology driven through some hearing aid settings being adjustable through a mobile app, they are discreet and really easy to order online. 

NANO’s most popular products are the NANO X2 and X2R that works for 98.7% of people with hearing loss, this includes younger as well as older people that need hearing aids. The device is discreet and there are rechargeable or battery operated options. It has background noise reduction, environment settings and directional microphone. They have other options depending on one’s budget and hearing loss severity. The NANO RX2000 is their most affordable and most basic option that is rechargeable, has background noise reduction and has environment sounds settings. NANO’s most innovative product is the NANO SIGMA, it is also their most expensive product as it has adaptive technology and is controlled via the NANO mobile app.

What makes NANO hearing aids a great company is that hearing tests can be done online or telephonically and customers do not have to go to an audiologist to have a hearing test done. This saves the customer more money and time. From the test results, NANO then gives their recommendation on the right product for that specific person. This is also a factor that makes their products great for any age group. A 17 year old might have a totally different hearing problem than a 68 year old and NANO will help their customers choose the correct aid. So ordering a hearing aid online should also not scare people as NANO is known to have great customer service.

What Do The Customers Actually Say?

It’s great to have a good product, however, customer experience is key to any device or product on the market. We have looked over many reviews of hearing aid companies and how the customer experiences the products they use, to us this is the best indicator of a great or lousy product. Below are some of the reviews we have seen of NANO Hearing aids.

Brenda – “These are the best hearing aids I have tried! The price is wonderful and the customer service is outstanding. I definitely recommend these hearing aids to anyone who needs them.”

Berry – “I’ve had my Nano aids for over 2 months now. They gave me a better understanding of conversation. I love them.”

Yelena – “I highly recommend  Nano!It has been over a month since I ordered this device and I am still very pleased with how it is working. I am 68 years young and my hearing  is  not all that bad except in certain auditory ranges.”

Terry – “Excellent product! I have been wearing my new NANO rechargeables for three weeks and I am delighted with their performance.”