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The effects of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) can be devastating. In addition to the physical consequences (depression, anxiety, etc.), which can take a toll on personal health, the disorder can also wreak havoc on an individual’s relationships and family life.  These adverse outcomes can be even worse for children andContinue Reading

If it seems like most of the news during the COVID-19 pandemic, that’s because it is. Everyone has been impacted in some way by the events that have unfolded with respect to the virus. While much of the discussion has been on fighting the virus and the various parts ofContinue Reading

When Lorina Troy’s second son, JJ, was born, she had no idea there was any potential problem with her child. She did not know that an ultrasound near the end of her pregnancy had shown JJ’s head to be two weeks larger than normal. No doctor mentioned there being anyContinue Reading

Packaging is everywhere. It’s the box holding your new flatscreen TV, the bag of chips you’re holding right now. Packaging is the bags you bring home from the grocery store, and the plastic around your paper towel roll. It’s not just limited to the packing peanuts that came with yourContinue Reading

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Children are our future, and if those children are yours, it’s your responsibility to keep them safe while driving them to and fro. Driving with your kids can be stressful, but thankfully, there are some simple precautions you can follow to ensure you’re all properly protected from potential harm. Here’sContinue Reading