Relaxation Tips for Single Parents

Being a single parent can be a joy and it is generally better than being stuck in an unhappy or miserable relationship which only adds to stress. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that being a single parent is an easy path. 

In many cases, being a single parent is exhausting and it can leave you little time for relaxation time. After all, it is down to you alone to be the caregiver, manage your household, pay the bills, and carry out everything single handedly. And with a quarter of families in the U.S. classified as single-parent households, the unique stresses of being a single parent can lead to burnout and exhaustion. 

It is important to recognise that you have your own needs to consider, as well as those of your kids. So ditch the guilt that thinking about your own wellbeing can cause, because if you are not in a good place emotionally, this will have a negative impact on your family. 

Here are some relaxation tips to help you avoid burnout and exhaustion.

1. Make healthy lifestyle choices for yourself as well as your kids. So try to eat well and get plenty of sleep. That way you will be in a physically better place to cope with the stresses of being a single parent

2. Set boundaries for yourself.  You don’t need to take on anything extra right now so practice saying no to needy friends and relations. Amazingly single parents are often considered as available to listen and show up for other people’s problems. Don’t do it. 

3. Get a relaxation routine in place. You may find that taking some time out to practice mindfulness, yoga or even deep breathing exercises can help recharge your batteries. 

4. Take some time out to socialize. Getting a coffee with a friend, taking a dance class, sharing a meal with friends can do wonders for your mental health. If you don’t have any friends in your area check out other single parent families. There may be a group in your area where you can make new friends. 

5. Take care of your mental health. If you feel unable to cope, contact a mental healthcare professional. They may be able to advise strategies, offer counselling, group therapy or other resources available to single parents. They may also recommend medication. 

6. Take a stress-reducing supplement in order to feel calmer. Professional Botanicals’ Relaxall would be a good choice, because it supports muscle aches, calms agitation and is a general tonic for relaxation without being addictive or encouraging dependency. The supplement contains a blend of herbs including eleuthero root (Siberian ginseng) and valerian so it relaxes the mind and body without making you sleepy. Professional Botanicals is a respected name in supplements.  The company is committed to providing a range of great quality supplements that are proven for safety and good quality for all the family.