Selecting Child-Friendly Marble and Tile: An Insider’s Guide To A Great Look That’s Sustainable

Selecting the correct marble and tile for your home is more than just an aesthetic decision when you have children. These surfaces must stand up to spills, scribbles, and the occasional “science experiment” gone wrong. While style and sophistication are crucial, so are durability and safety. Marble Systems, a leading supplier in the industry, sheds light on how to choose the right material to suit both your design aspirations and the dynamic nature of a household with children.

The first factor to consider is durability. Kids will run, play, and make a mess, and the flooring needs to keep up. According to experts from Marble Systems, high-quality marble and porcelain tiles offer a good balance between luxury and resilience. Marble can be sealed to resist stains, making it a surprisingly practical option for families. Porcelain tiles are also known for their extreme durability, making them an excellent option for high-traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and playrooms.

Think About Safety First

Sharp edges and slippery surfaces can be a nightmare when you have children running around. Thompson recommends honed or tumbled finishes for marble, which provide more traction than their polished counterparts. When it comes to tile, opting for textured or matte finishes can make the surface less slippery, making it safer for kids.

Marble Systems also offers anti-slip treatments that can be applied to marble floors to provide an extra layer of protection. The company highly recommends these treatments for families with young children or elderly members to minimize the risk of slipping.  As a bonus, this also makes cleaning easier and makes products more user-friendly.

Easy-to-Clean Options Are Key

When you have kids, messes are inevitable. That’s why easy-to-clean surfaces are a must. Thompson suggests choosing marble and tile colors and patterns that are forgiving. Our team advises that you go for complex marbling patterns or multi-colored tiles to camouflage minor stains or marks. In addition, it’s also advisable to choose a grout color that’s not too light to help mask inevitable spills and scuffs.  Love that light colored product?  Find out how to clean it before purchasing it.  Once you learn more, you might just change your mind – at least for now.

Porcelain tiles come with the added advantage of being virtually impervious to water, making them easy to clean and maintain. Marble, when sealed properly, also offers easy maintenance; a simple wipe-down can often suffice.

Health and Environmental Concerns

Parents should also consider the health impacts of the materials they choose. Marble Systems offers eco-friendly options that are free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are chemicals that can off-gas and affect indoor air quality. The company sources their marble and tiles from responsible quarries and suppliers, ensuring that they meet stringent environmental standards. This gives our customers extra confidence in the slabs and tiles they purchase from us.

Affordability and Aesthetics

Finally, families must consider their budgets. While marble is often considered a luxury item, Marble Systems provides options for various price ranges without compromising on quality. Porcelain tiles also offer a less expensive, yet still sophisticated, alternative.

Our team advises that your choice needs to blend seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic, but also suit your lifestyle.  Marble Systems has nationally located in-house design consultants that are trained to help customers and designers find the perfect solution for a given space.

Understand Your Needs – And “Your Wants”

Selecting the correct marble and tile for a family-friendly home is a multi-faceted decision, involving factors such as durability, safety, ease of cleaning, health, and budget. Companies like Marble Systems make this decision-making process easier by offering expert advice and a wide range of options that cater to families’ diverse needs.  The more information you share with your design team during the selection process, the more optimized your designs will be for you lifestyle.

A well-chosen surface can not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of your home but also provide a safe and durable environment for your family to grow and thrive. Given the importance of this decision, parents are encouraged to consult experts and consider all variables before making their choice. As families continue to spend more time in their homes, ensuring that these spaces are both beautiful and functional has never been more essential.