The Importance of Conserving Energy

Energy powers all of the things we do in one form or another. The two most common forms of energy used today are electricity and gas. Both of these cause detrimental effects to the environment. Plus, they can cost a lot of money. These are both reasons that conserving energy is of paramount importance.

1. Why Do We Need to Conserve Energy?   

The push for energy conservation is stronger than ever. There are two major reasons for this. Over the last 25 years, half of all greenhouse gas emissions released by humans have occurred. Plus, the cost of energy is growing faster than wages.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions:
Greenhouse gases create an insulating effect on the planet. As we release more of these compounds, the earth will continue to heat up. Eventually, this will cause major disruptions to the environment. For example, you can expect to see rising sea levels within your lifetime.

Budgeting is Important:
If you want to get ahead in life, you must spend your money wisely. Even people who have large incomes can easily put themselves into a bind by spending excessively. Limiting your energy consumption lowers your monthly expenses.

2. Benefits of Energy Conservation   

Energy conservation is more than a topic of conversation. It will be one of the most important concepts in the coming decades. As the effects of climate change begin to become evident, more people will get on board with energy conservation. Hopefully, it’s not too late to save what’s left of the planet.

Less Impact on the Environment:
The more energy you use, the greater the impact on the environment. If you care about life on earth, you should use less energy. We tend to forget about the impact we have on the world. Even if that impact is relatively small for each individual, it is massive when you add together the world’s population.

Decrease Your Monthly Utility Bill:
The last time that you received your utility bill, were you happy? Most people are not excited about receiving bills. Much of this frustration is a result of excessive energy use. When you limit the amount of energy you consume, your PECO energy bill will also drop.

3. Simple Energy Conservation Tips   

Are you interested in energy conservation now? If you want to limit your financial stress, you probably are. The following tips are easy ways for you to lower your electricity bill. The more consistently you follow them, the greater the price reduction.

Turn off the Lights:
How often do you leave the room without turning off the lights? It probably happens more than you would like to admit. Do not forget, every light left on costs money. It may not seem like much. However, when you leave on all the lights in the home, it adds up quickly.

Lower the Temperature:
What you set your thermostat to when you leave home? Unfortunately, most people do not change it at all. They pay to regulate the climate inside an unoccupied home all day long. When they receive their bill at the end of the month, they are shocked by how much it is. We recommend turning off your thermostat when you are not home. If that isn’t possible, you should at least lower the temperature. That way, your home and uses less electricity when you are gone.

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs:
Do you have any lightbulbs that you need to replace? If so, we recommend using CFL’s. These lightbulbs are much more energy-efficient than typical incandescent bulbs. They cost a little more upfront, but the savings are worth it.

Why Energy Conservation Matters  

You might not care about climate change, but you should still care about energy conservation. Energy conservation impacts you where it matters the most: your pocketbook. The more conscious of your energy consumption you are, the more money you will have left at the end of the month.