Ways to Soothe a Child’s Sore Throat

When your child is in pain, you’ll do anything you can to provide relief.

A sore throat can be tricky. You can’t massage the area or apply a topical to soothe it. And with children being picky about what they put in their mouths; your options are limited.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to make your child feel better. Read on to find out the best ways to soothe a child’s sore throat.

4 Ways to Soothe a Child’s Sore Throat

Lots of Fluids

Fluids are great for sore throats. Not only do they provide pain relief, they also thin mucus which helps it drain and speeds healing.

When it comes to treating sore throats, any fluids will do but warm fluids will provide more soothing relief. Depending on your child’s taste, you can give him or her warm water or tea with lemon and honey. Ice pops or chicken soup will also do the trick.

Use a Humidifier

A humidifier is a source of warm, moist air that can provide relief for a sore throat. Run one in the room they sleep in. If you can run humidifiers in other areas of the home as well, even better.

Use Steam

Steam can be soothing to a sore throat. Try boiling a pot of water and holding it under your child’s face. This will provide relief for the throat and it will also decongest the nose and head.

Be very careful not to burn your child when using steam.

Gargling with Salt Water

If your child is old enough to gargle (approx. 6 or over) you may encourage them to gargle with warm salt water. A mixture or ½ tsp. salt and 8 oz. of warm water should do the trick.

Get them to gargle without swallowing for as long as they can using the entire glass if possible.

Should I Use OTC Products?

There are many cold medicines and decongestants on the market. However, there is little evidence that they work. Furthermore, they may cause unpleasant side effects and contain ingredients that aren’t good for your child.

Decongestants such as saltwater nose drops, gels, and sprays are a natural alternative that may be effective in reducing congestion.

Throat sprays are another product that can temporarily relieve a sore throat. But here too, you will want to use one that contains all natural ingredients. Herb Pharm’s Kids Throat TLC is recommended.

Herb Pharm specializes in herbal supplements using ingredients grown on their organic farmland. Their Kids Throat TLC is made with an organic extract blend that contains licorice root, elderberry fruit, sage leaf, Oregon grape root, and other good for you ingredients. It helps relieve sore throats and scratchiness, and it can be used by children 3 and over.

No one likes to see their child in pain. Fortunately, there are all natural ways to soothe a sore throat and the scratchiness and congestion that comes with it. How do you treat your kid when they come down with a cold?