A Checklist for the Expat Family: Essential Information When Living & Working Abroad

If you are soon to be taking your family to live in a foreign country like Thailand or Malaysia, there is, of course, much to consider. Your partner would no doubt understand the extra work involved when you bring your family to live in a foreign country, and with that in mind, here are a few important aspects to consider when relocating to a foreign country on a work assignment.

  • Schooling – Of course, your children need to attend a local school, which would likely be an international program, where they can continue the UK curriculum, and most expat postings include perks like free education for the employee’s children. Your employer might recommend a school, but failing that, you can carry out a Google search, looking for international schools in the area.
  • Comprehensive Health Insurance – If you are looking for health insurance in Thailand, there are reputable providers that can be found online, and they would have a range of policies, from basic emergency cover to a fully comprehensive health cover policy, which your employer would probably pay for. This is essential, as hospital treatment can be very costly, and with the whole family covered, you will have peace of mind.
  • Vaccinations – It is always best to check with your government regarding any vaccinations you might need when travelling to a foreign country. Malaria can be an issue in some tropical countries, and if you pay your GP a visit, they would tell you what you need. As a parent, there are many aspects of parenthood that you need to embrace, as this article points out.
  • Long-Term Visas – It is customary for the employer to arrange a working visa for you and dependent visas for your family, which means you have to show up at immigration on the date requested, sign a few forms and you are good to go. Never let your visa expire, as this can be a nightmare to resolve, and you could end up being deported, all because you forgot to renew your visa.
  • Credit Cards – If you are planning to use your credit cards while abroad, call the credit card company in advance and tell them where you’re going, otherwise, the card might be blocked if the company see transactions coming in from a foreign country. Once informed, they will remove the red flag that their security system employs, which allows you to use your cards without any issues.
  • Research the Destination Country – While it is perfectly natural to feel like a fish out of water, if you carry out some online research into the customs and culture, you will feel less estranged, and this will help you to interact with the local people. The more you know about a place, the more you will appreciate the experience of spending time there, and if you are heading to Thailand, there’s a lot to learn about this unique country with a proud heritage. Here’s a link to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, which might help.

As you can see, there are many things to organise when taking your family abroad for a length of time, and hopefully, the above information helps you to plan for what should be another exciting chapter in your life.