Activities and Ideas for Backyard Fire Pits

As the weather grows cooler and people still want to spend time outdoors, backyard fire pits have become even more popular. Homeowners who have had a backyard fire pit for a while may have run out of ideas for fun family activities to enjoy while surrounded by the warmth. Below are several ideas to keep the good times going for as long into the season as possible.

Enjoy the Traditions of a Campfire at Home

Even when it’s not camping weather, families can enjoy sitting around the backyard fire pit telling stories and roasting marshmallows. There is no better way to introduce the next generation to these time-honored traditions than by enjoying them from the comforts of home.

Parents of young children may want to hold the marshmallow toasting stick for them or at least closely supervise. Putting the marshmallow between a graham cracker and adding a chocolate bar makes for any even tastier treat. 

Sitting around the fire pit at home can create some great memories later, especially the stories that family members tell each other.

Play Cards or Board Games

Sometimes the old, non-electronic way of doing things can be more fun and help bring people closer together. A rousing game of Old Maid with younger children or a board game like Risk or Monopoly with older children can be a fun experience against the backdrop of a fire pit. 

Teaching these games to kids for the first time can be a special bonding experience as well. They might even brag to their friends how they played games without using batteries or screens.

Watch as the Kids Perform a Show

Most children love to perform songs, skits, or dances for their parents. Mom, Dad, and any other relatives the kids would like to invite can pull up their chair to the fire pit while watching live entertainment from the younger crowd

It’s a great way for parents to give their kids undivided attention and show that they are proud of them. Parents who feel especially brave may even want to join in the performance fun.

Drag Out the Karaoke Machine or Rent One

Karaoke first became popular in bars and nightclubs, but that doesn’t mean people can only sing to a karaoke machine in those environments. Setting up a karaoke machine near the fire pit and hosting a sing-along with friends or family can make for an enjoyable and laughter-filled afternoon or evening. 

If buying or renting a karaoke machine isn’t in the budget, a smartphone app that simulates one should work just as well.

Relax and Reflect

A well-controlled fire such as one that burns in a fire pit can be mesmerizing and relaxing. While enjoying the company of others is always fun, sometimes people need a calm and quiet place to sit alone and think for a while. A backyard fire pit makes the perfect backdrop for such an occasion.

The above are just five ideas for things to do while gathered around a home fire pit, but the possibilities are endless just by using a bit of imagination.