Best Prebiotic Gummies for Your Family

Anyone up on natural health has already familiarized themselves with the benefits of probiotics. But now, prebiotics are becoming just as popular. The two work together as a powerhouse for the digestive system.

Probiotics are live yeasts and good bacteria that live in the body and can also be consumed in foods and taken in supplemental form.

Prebiotics are carbs found in food that your body can’t digest so they go to the lower digestive tract where they act like food and help healthy bacteria grow.

Because prebiotics are not found in the body, it’s important to source them through food and supplements. This article will let you know the best ways to get prebiotics in your diet.

Benefits of Prebiotics

Prebiotics work to feed your gut good bacteria and keep the cells that line your digestive system healthy. They also provide the following benefits:

·  Help the body absorb calcium.

·  Change the rate at which food causes blood sugar to spike.

·  Helps foods ferment faster so they spend less time in the digestive system. This aids with the prevention of constipation.

What Foods Contain Prebiotics?

There are several foods that contain prebiotics including the following:

·  Tomatoes

·  Onions

·  Oats

·  Soybeans

·  Leeks

·  Legumes

·  Wheat

·  Green vegetables

·  Flaxseed

·  Garlic

·  Berries

·  Bananas

·  Oats

·  Apples

…and the list goes on. When grocery shopping for prebiotic rich foods, you’ll want to look for the following ingredients on the label.

·  Galactooligosaccharides

·  Fructooligosaccharides

·  Oligofructose

·  Chicory fiber

·  Inulin

Prebiotics for the Whole Family

Prebiotics are good for everyone, and they are especially beneficial for kids.

They bring healthy microbes to the gut that boost the immune system and reduce digestive problems. They reduce constipation which is common in children. They help the body absorb calcium which is great for growing bones. They also promote feelings of fullness reducing the risk of childhood obesity.

Prebiotics are so beneficial to kids that today, many cereal manufacturers are formulating their products to make them an added ingredient. This is a terrific way to get prebiotics in your child’s morning meal.

If you breastfeed your child, you are already getting them off to a great start. Breast milk has been shown to be rich in the prebiotics they need for optimal digestive health.

The Best Prebiotic Gummies for Your Child

There are many foods that contain prebiotics, but if your child is not getting enough in their diet, you may consider adding a supplement. Nordic Naturals Probiotics Gummies for Kids is an excellent choice.

Nordic Naturals is a producer of high-quality fish oil supplements known for their freshness, purity, taste and sustainability. Their probiotic gummies have both probiotics and prebiotic fibers. They are designed to reduce stomach troubles and provide your child with nutrients. They come in a fun gummy formula and have a great merry berry punch taste.

Prebiotics are essential for those looking to maintain optimal digestive health. Make sure you are eating prebiotic rich foods and supplement your diet if necessary. Which sources do you include in your daily routine?