Mindful Health Solutions and Modern Day Life Problems

Modern life can be a challenge at the best of times. Even before the pandemic changed our lives, managing a career, school, family, social connections, health, finances and more regularly took out even the best and most resilient of folks when things got to be too much. Now, since 2020, we’ve all been dealing with huge life changes, upheavals, social paradigm shifts and more. Normally, our brains take time to adjust and then we adapt to the new conditions. However, when the changes just keep on coming, it becomes overwhelming. That’s when professional help can really make a difference. Instead of feeling helpless or out of control, stability can right-size a life that feels totally chaotic.

Life Isn’t Compartmentalized or Operating in a Vacuum

Mindful Health Solutions approaches modern day life pressures as a combination of fronts as opposed to traditional thinking that is linear, i.e. one cause equals one condition. The fact is, our lives are holistic; we have lots of things that interact with each other daily, improving or worsening other factors like a mental Rubik’s Cube. You move one side, and three other sides change colors at the same time. Old methods of counseling tended to leave this aspect out, which is why people often felt dissatisfied with their mental health treatments as soon as they re-engaged with regular life again. While one issue may have been corrected, fifteen others were still going full steam. Add in today’s erratic changes and a lack of stability month to month, and it’s no surprise far more folks are feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed and stressed out.

Mindful Health Solutions Knows What Today’s Pressures Can Feel Like

With their operational experience going back to 2007 when we started, Mindful Health Solutions has helped people through a lot of modern life’s chasms and gaps. Mindful Health Solutions prides itself on connecting with patients from all walks of life, continuing to help cases with serious depression, anxiety, isolation, victims of crimes in the USA and even technology-related mental health concerns. In short, their team’s experience is rooted in real problems people have and bring to the table, not textbook concerns or generic clinical study references.

Advanced Comprehensive Treatment Strategies

A key element in Mindful Health Solutions approach is their leadership in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) as well as a heavy reliance on evidence-based psychiatric treatments. The combination of both treatment approaches has produced significant positive results in their patients again and again. We include a combined esketamine nasal spray and electroconvulsive therapy for TMS treatment, marrying both an applied direction and a pharmaceutical approach for maximum realignment benefits in patients.

Mindful Health Solutions also takes a leadership role in engaging new approaches to mental health healing and treatment. Rather than simply relying on the same approaches that have shown to be less than stellar in effectiveness in many cases, we seek out and confirm evidence-based new psychiatric treatments that show significant promise for breakthroughs and improvements. These choices are key for many of their r patients who otherwise do not respond well to traditional treatment approaches. Because their primary goal is to help people stabilize, reduce or eliminate suffering altogether, and recover, their team regularly seeks out new ways to help. That pays dividends for their patients, oftentimes providing breakthroughs for folks who have relied on historical psychiatric treatments with weakening benefits and help over time.

Getting Help Locally

If you’re asking yourself where is a psychiatrist near me in Los Angeles with a modern psychiatric approach to modern day problems and their conditions, then it’s time to talk with us at Mindful Health Solutions. Their patient-first approach might seem on paper the way mental health services should be provided automatically, but when you meet with us in your first consultation the difference will become immediately obvious in how we approach you and your needs as a patient. We’re here to help you help yourself get back on track. You don’t need to tackle it alone.

Or, sometimes we run into issues where we need Licensed Professional Counselor supervision for various reasons. Get the help you need with as little effort as possible. You have enough on your plate.