There it is, under the tree — an adorable puppy or kitty! You just know your children are going to love you forever for gifting them with such a wonderful treasure. And then comes the first accident on the carpet, and no one wants to clean it up — andContinue Reading

The big holiday family dinner — for guests it’s a delight, but for the cook it can be a nightmare, a torture, even a bankrupting debacle. And that’s if it’s a GOOD year. So baking and cooking moms and grandmas all over the world, as Christmas Eve settles in —Continue Reading

Part of parenting is to provide healthy food for our children. A bag of pretzels and a can of Mountain Dew is not what pediatricians or nutritionists have in mind when they talk about a ‘healthy meal’ for children — or for adults, for that matter! But with picky andContinue Reading

How much parental leave time should employees be allowed before their job is in jeopardy? If you’re employed full-time by the federal government, you automatically will get a dozen weeks, starting next year, as the new National Defense Authorization Act goes into effect — it was a handy place toContinue Reading

Family traditions become very important at this time of year. Handing down stories of ancestors brings families closer together, and helps children know they are part of something bigger than themselves. Many lessons can be learned from family heritage and heirlooms — but one family in Michigan has maybe notContinue Reading