Date Night Again? 10 Fun and Fresh Ideas for Couples Who Are Still in Love

They say the best marriages have a little bit of magic, but longstanding relationships also manage to combine practicality and romance. Without a solid grounding in practical matters, even the most loving couple will have trouble raising a family and dealing with their finances, but practicality alone is not enough.

The best and most successful relationships are the ones that keep the spark alive year after year. The passion may fade over the decades, but for those lucky couples the spark of romance is still burning bright.

One way to keep that spark alive, or rekindle it when it has begun to fade, is to schedule a date night. Taking time to get out of the house and away from the cares of the day can be good for your relationship, but that does not mean you can leave practical matters behind. You still need to make your date nights fun and affordable, and here are 10 great date night activity ideas.

Enjoy a relaxing bike ride. 

You loved riding bikes as a kid, so why not rediscover this simple pleasure? If you and your spouse do not have your own bikes, you can always borrow the wheels from your kids.

Have a picnic in the park, or your own back yard. 

Few meals are as romantic as a picnic in the park, so pack your basket, bring a bottle of wine and get ready for some romance.

Take a romantic stroll. 

Whether you hike in the woods or just stroll around the neighborhood, the fresh air and sunshine will do you good. Exercise can heighten your mood and get you ready for the romantic night to come.

Attend a local carnival. 

Fairs and carnivals are fun for all ages, with bright lights, delicious foods and thrilling rides. A night at the carnival is a popular date idea for young people, but there is no age limit on the romantic fun

See a local band. 

Live music is a wonderful backdrop for your date night, so check out the local band scene. You and your spouse just may discover a new favorite.

Attend a theatrical production at a local high school or community center. 

Local theater is rich in culture and even richer in meaning, so why not have your next date night right by the stage? The performances are affordable, and the performers can be surprisingly professional.

Go camping. 

If you are looking for some alone time, an extended weekend in the wilderness may be just what you need. There is nothing like communing with nature to set a romantic spark, so grab your tent and get going.

Tour a local brewery. 

Microbrews are all the rage these days, but have you ever wondered how they get to the local liquor store? You can satisfy that curiosity, and your taste buds, when you tour a local brewery. Brewery tours are perfect for date nights, and you will have a great time toasting your special someone.

Visit the zoo. 

If you love animals, there is no better date night than a day at the zoo. You can watch the animals eat, play and have fun, all while you reconnect with the person you love.

Browse a local art gallery. 

You do not have to be a wealthy collector to tour a local art gallery. Many galleries open their doors to the public, so you can check out the local art scene and discover some great up-and-coming artists.

Date night is a wonderful tradition, one that can bring you and your spouse even closer together. When your next date night rolls around, just let the 10 ideas listed above be your guide.