Great Career Choices for Today’s Teenager to Pursue

If you are soon to be leaving school, your thoughts will already be turning to career choices, as this is the right time to make a decision about how you want to spend your working life. Of course, there are many options and you should be looking at fields that you find interesting, or even better, discover your real passion in life and base a career around this.

Here are a few great career opportunities to consider.

  • Blockchain developer – If you enjoy writing code, why not train to be a blockchain developer, as this is the sector of the future, as this decentralised software is becoming very popular. Bitcoin, for example, uses blockchain technology and governments around the world are realising the security benefits of storing critical data on a blockchain, so this sector will have a rosy future.
  • Digital Marketing – You could approach a leading firm like and ask to start work as a trainee, and if you have a good understand of IT, you will quickly develop the essential skills needed for this challenging work. A few years of this and you are ready to start your own digital marketing agency, and with e-commerce growing at a rapid rate, you won’t find a more secure field than digital marketing.
  • Robotics – Another booming sector, a career in robotics would ensure a secure future and if you start at the bottom, you will grow with the industry and in 5 years, you can command a very high salary. This sector is merging with AI to create a whole new level of industry automation and if you like mechanical and electrical work, then this would make for an excellent career choice. If you were thinking that handwriting is no longer important, check out this article that says something very different.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Giants like Google and Amazon make good use of AI, which is going to be the future, and you will need a solid background in math and the sciences, with a flair for computer programming, which will stand you in good stead. Machine learning is a very exciting industry at the moment, and development happens at an amazing pace, and if you apply yourself, you can succeed as a high-earner in this innovative new field that will soon be a part of all our lives.
  • Health & Well-Being – If you love helping people and are a good people person, why not get into the health & well-being industry? You could train to be a yoga or fitness instructor, or really go for it be becoming a personal trainer, which requires a lot of dedication. There’s always the nursing profession, if you are that way inclined, and as people will always get sick, you do have a future. There is always a demand for physiotherapists, which is a very rewarding career that could see you working with Premier League footballers. Here is some UK government advice about health & well-being, which makes for an informative read.

If you have a career counsellor at school, talk to them and try to discover what you are really interested in, as this is the key to having a happy working life.