What You Need to Teach Your Teen About Driving and Car Maintenance

Parents of adults likely still remember the panic and anxiety they felt when they teen first got behind the wheel. Driving is a responsibility that can be deadly if it is not taken seriously. High speeds contribute to quite a few accidents involving teens but the main cause likely is lack of experience driving. A teen might not have the experience to make a quick decision to avoid an accident. Maintaining a car is also important whether it is checking tire health or getting oil changes. These lessons will follow your teen well into their driving career. The following are what you should teach your teen about driving and car maintenance.

Specialty Mechanics

Imported cars might need a special mechanic to work on it. A Mercedes is likely going to cost far more than a Toyota Camry for the same repair although the driving experience of a Mercedes is almost unmatched. Imported car repair needs to be of the highest quality as you do not want to cause other issues with the vehicle. Taking care of oil changes needs to be done as it is very simple and can take as little as 15 minutes. Finding a mechanic or garage you trust can be tough so do not be afraid to shop around. Your teen will learn the importance of getting a few estimates as these can differ drastically.

Teach the Dangers of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving can include everything from music being too loud or texting while driving. You need to teach the importance of staying focused when on the road. Even experienced drivers require focus as a lapse in attention can easily lead to an accident. There are so many options with smartphones in today’s world that will allow them to use voice to text for nearly anything they need. Bluetooth calling capabilities will also ensure your teen can answer your call without putting themselves in danger. Take a look at your teen’s text history as nothing should be sent while they are driving.

Understand What To Do After an Accident

Car accidents are stressful whether you are an adult or a teen. Teaching your teen what to do after an accident is important as it could offer protection from a lawsuit. The last thing that your teen wants to do is to admit fault as this depends upon the judgement of the officer that responded to the accident. Your teen should call you immediately as you can help guide them.

Leave Early to Avoid Rushing

Leaving a few minutes early for work or school is a great habit to get into. This can allow you to still arrive on time even if you hit traffic. The last thing that a teen wants to do is rush as this increases the likelihood of an accident occurring. Have your teen get into this habit as it will provide you peace of mind that they are not rushing to wherever they are going.

There are plenty of lessons to teach your teen about driving and car maintenance. Everything from checking the tires to prevent a blowout to driving within the speed limit matters. Driving can be dangerous for a teen so it is your job as a parent to help reduce this danger by teaching good driving habits.