Relish Breaks Down the 3 C’s of Relationship Success

Relish Breaks Down the 3 C's of Relationship Success

There is an endless amount of information available on the secret of having a successful relationship. However, this article would be boring if I listed every required ingredient imaginable required to have a lasting and loving relationship. Therefore, those ingredients have been consolidated into the three C’s of relationship success, according to Relish. These include:


As one of the most essential traits of a healthy relationship, a lack of commitment can be damaging. While the root causes wildly vary, if your goal is a more stable and committed relationship then you must understand where you lay as a couple on the spectrum. This is where communication enters and is vital to the continued health of the relationship.


This trait should come as no surprise considering communication is a critical foundational block of a long-lasting and healthy relationship. Without it, miscommunications occur regularly, and meanings are overlooked resulting in chaos. While having excellent communication skills are essential for success, you do not need a Ph.D. to mast this characteristic.

The requirements include learning from your mistakes and practicing this art form. That’s it. However, it cannot be one-sided as both must practice good communication, so both of your needs are heard and met. Achieving your goals certainly is not going to happen overnight. Communication is a skill that requires patience, practice, and time to master.


The give and take in every relationship is compromise. Do not consider compromise a weight scale where you add a little to each pan to create balance. Instead, it is a see-saw where you both ride up and down and, in the end, the weight is evened out. Compromise will occur at various times throughout the day and relationship. It is important to never count or keep score because you know that you are both giving enough for each other.

How Relish Can Help

Relationships take work to be successful and following the three C’s can help improve it. For additional relationship support, Relish is a relationship training app that provides personalized and convenient unlimited one-on-one counseling from qualified professionals at an affordable cost. Relish uses machine learning to create a scientifically-back and customized relationship plan with interactive lessons. Relish helps each couple learn mindfulness, so everyone is more conscious of their approach to the current relationship while creating a deeper and more intimate connection with their partner through better communication.

Relish is innovative in that it combines machine learning with a human touch. The founders realized that having unlimited support from one-on-one sessions with an actual human cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence. The technology supports human interaction with journaling, interactive quizzes, and a supportive community with other individuals and couples who are also working to improve their connection.