How Doing Yoga with Our Kids Can Improve the Entire Family’s Health

Staying fit as a family can help with bonding in so many ways. Teenagers do not like to be seen with their parents but frequently you see father/son or mother/daughter workouts being done. Being able to teach your kids something like how to lift appropriately or practice proper technique is important. The last thing that you want is your child to get injured due to trying to exercise using poor technique. Yoga can be a great family activity with the children as there is very little chance of injury.

Weight Loss

Adding yoga to your current fitness routine can work wonders. People that are just getting back into shape can practice yoga as there are classes for different levels of yoga. Start the family off in the most basic class and only move to more advanced classes as a family as well. Not all families need to lose weight but they can help improve family composition. You might find that your children want to eat in a healthier manner to get the maximum benefits from yoga. Teens might even find friends within these practices.

Improved Flexibility

Improving your flexibility can help improve physical health and is beneficial at any age. A high-level high school athlete might be uncomfortable going to yoga alone. It can be tough to do something new if you are used to doing forms of exercise that you are great at, like weight lifting or running. Going with a teen can help quell this confidence issue, which a teen will appreciate whether they admit it or not.

Mental Health Benefits

Mental health benefits are widely known by those that practice yoga regularly. The process of being able to clear your mind for a session is almost unmatched by other forms of exercise. Holding a position for extended periods allows you to deal with anxiety through focusing on the pose and breathing. Sleep being improved is a great benefit as improving sleep directly impacts mental clarity and wellness. The elevation of your personal mood after a session will be noticeable.

Practicing Yoga at Home

Yoga teacher training is an essential part of any instructor’s yoga journey. In today’s world of social distancing, you might be uncomfortable taking your entire family to a yoga studio. There are plenty of qualified teachers that are offering remote classes on Zoom and other video conferencing platforms. All you have to do is clear out a room and bring your yoga mats! Spending time as a family doing this will create a bond that will cause your children to think of you any time they practice yoga later in life.

Getting your children to get comfortable being physically uncomfortable can work wonders in athletics down the road. Being able to push yourself is important in life and when trying to improve athletically. Yoga can be something your family can enjoy together while reaping all of the benefits associated.