How to Keep Your Children Healthy During COVID-19

The Coronavirus has changed the way people work, live, and the way they raise their children. Summer used to be filled with hanging out with friends and spending time with large groups of family. The social distancing restrictions have changed this immensely with health being the main priority. The last thing anyone wants is someone to carry the virus to an older family member or one with a compromised immune system. Keeping your kids healthy is the priority of all parents and at this time this might look differently than in the past. Below are tips to keep your kids as healthy as possible during this pandemic.

Stress the Importance of Washing Hands

You are the best example that your children have at this time so make sure that you prioritize washing your hands. Hand washing needs to be done for the appropriate amount of time and with the right soap. Hand sanitizer is also important to have on your person when you are going out into public. The virus can live on certain surfaces for days which makes it imperative to wash or sanitize your hands after going grocery shopping or to the bank. The last thing you want is to contract the virus due to failing to wash your hands after using the ATM.

Keep Them Active

Keeping your children active is important for their physical health so family walks or games should be played. Your kids if they are of a certain age are missing the freedom of playing outside with friends. Throwing the football or going for a swim are both great options. If you are going to go somewhere like the beach you need to practice social distancing. Certain secluded beaches will likely be the best option or going early in the morning. If they seem to be under the weather at any time there are virtual doctor visits that can easily be taken advantage of.

Talk to Them About How They Feel

Children thrive off of social situations and not being able to hang out with their friends could be taking a toll on them. Talking to them about how they feel is important as they could be feeling anxious or depressed due to the lack of contact. The way they feel should directly impact how you treat them as you might need to be more understanding of a teen that is missing out on their first summer with a driver’s license. You need to keep your mood positive instead of negative as your children feed off of your energy in the home. You are spending more time than usual with your kids so take advantage of this time in order to bond.

Keeping Their Social Ties Alive

There are so many options for your children to socialize virtually. This is a good time to allow them to play video games with their friends where they can chat. Facetime or Zoom can be the perfect way to see their friends and get that social interaction they truly need. Take the time to make sure they are still in contact with their friends as early friendships are incredibly important in your child’s development.

Keep your children healthy during this uncertain time by staying proactive about good hygiene habits and social distancing. Staying healthy through this pandemic is incredibly important for your entire family.