Police Officers Witness a Pedestrian Struck by a Motor Vehicle

There is a saying that few good things can happen after midnight and, sadly, this came true when a pedestrian accident unfolded. Recently, between the hours of three and four in the morning, a pedestrian was struck by a motor vehicle with officers in the vicinity. This accident took place in the midst of protests over the death of George Floyd, who lost his life at the hands of police officers, one of whom was later charged with murder. As the protests unfolded, police were deployed both to protect the protesters and stop any rioting that might have been planned. As police officers watched the protesters, a driver was observed accelerating his motor vehicle. Instead of trying to hit the brakes in an effort to avoid striking someone with his car, he actually hit the gas. In this manner, he might have been intentionally trying to hit the protester. The protester rode on the hood of the vehicle for about three blocks before the driver eventually stopped. The driver of this vehicle was eventually apprehended and the victim is going to be okay.

This accident serves to highlight the major dangers that come with reckless driving. This can also lead to a major pedestrian accident. While the pedestrian in the accident above did not sustain any life-threatening injuries, there are plenty of other pedestrians who end up suffering serious, lifelong, or potentially fatal injuries when they are struck by a motor vehicle. Even though the driver in the accident above accelerated, he was probably in a contained space, surrounded by buildings and protesters which prevented him from accelerating his car to great enough speeds to cause life-threatening injuries; however, it is still important to discuss serious injuries that someone might suffer in a pedestrian accident.

First, the hood of most cars reaches between the knee and hip of most adults. Therefore, it is possible for people to suffer a serious femur fracture if they are struck by a motor vehicle. This is one of the thickest bones in the body and bone fragments can seriously damage nearby tissues, leading to major complications. In addition, it is possible for someone to suffer a head injury if they are struck by a car. They might strike their head on the hood of the car or on the pavement. This could lead to a concussion, cerebral contusion, or even a brain bleed. This could lead to lifelong complications.

If someone is struck by a moving vehicle and suffers injuries, this might lead to major medical bills. The good news is that there could be ways to hold the driver of the car responsible for the damage that he or she caused.