How You Can Start Planning For A Divorce With Children

Divorce is going to be a stressful event that multiplies with children involved. People without children never have to see or interact with their ex ever again. Those with children might need to interact with them weekly in order to co-parent in the best fashion possible. Planning for divorce is going to be far different when you have children than when a single couple decides it is time to call it quits. Finding New Bern child custody lawyers or those in your area is important regardless if you believe the divorce will be contentious or not. The following are tips to start planning a divorce with children. 

Find The Right Divorce/Child Custody Lawyers 

Finding the right legal representation during this time is essential. The last thing you want is to leave the custody of your children in the balance because you decide to represent yourself in court. The right lawyers can also help provide stress relief as they will let you know the processes that will be upcoming. The lack of knowledge as to what happens next can be extremely stressful for a person that hasn’t enlisted the help of legal representation. Take the time to find an attorney that is experienced in the area and state. State laws on child custody can differ quite a bit from state to state. 

Try To Work A Custom Custody Agreement Out 

The easiest thing that can be done is to come to some sort of agreement between the parents before getting lawyers involved. The lawyers could have a few great ideas as they have seen a number of custody agreements worked out in the past. Parents that have remote work privileges can easily work an agreement out that provides consistency for the children. More contentious divorces could be ugly when it comes to custody agreements as child support can be a hotly contested subject. As part of your custody agreement, include provisions for who will pay for things your child may need in the future like car insurance. Divorced parents’ child’s car insurance needs can be complex.

Talking With Your Children 

Talking with your children can be very important as it is essential to highlight that nothing is happening due to their behavior. Certain older teens might either be devastated or relieved as being in a home with constant tension can be exhausting. This is not something that you should as an individual but rather as parents together. The importance of staying positive about your ex is also important well after the divorce. There is nothing more damaging than one parent telling their children the other parent is unfit or doesn’t love them.  

Asking children which parent that they would like to stay with is a decision that is very tough. There could be apparent choices as one parent could travel constantly for work while the other works from home. Do not put this choice on your children and make the choice that is best for them. Most parents can admit which household will be better for their children and their overall development. 

Planning for a divorce with children has to be done sensitively. Nobody truly wins a divorce when children are involved which is something to keep in mind.