Snoring and Kids

Sleep is essential for kids of all ages as their bodies and brains develop. Most people of any age snore from time to time according to sleep experts. This could be due to sickness or having clogged sinuses. The truth is that a child can even snore if they are in bed in the wrong position. 

This snoring guide notes that snoring can be remedied through lifestyle changes, medical intervention, or by reducing your alcohol intake.  Children can suffer from sleep apnea which can sound like your child is holding their breath. Listening to a child with sleep apnea can be quite worrisome due to it sounding like they are struggling for air. 

CPAP machines are used by a number of people around the world in order to improve their quality of sleep. A snoring child can keep their sibling up throughout the night, especially if they are a light sleeper. You want children to feel rejuvenated after they sleep rather than dragging themselves out of bed to go to school. 

Around a quarter of children snore occasionally with some struggling with sleep apnea. The percentage of children with sleep apnea is around 1 to 5 percent although sleep studies on children can be rare. Most people do not realize that they snore until someone sleeps in the same room or they are taking a nap in a common area of a home. 

Sleep quality is essential to allow your child to grow in a healthy manner. For children that are athletes, muscle recovery can depend on the quality of sleep. Allowing our bodies to repair themselves during adequate rest periods cannot be underestimated. You want your children aware when they are at school rather than falling asleep. You would be surprised as to how grades can improve once a child starts sleeping better. The added benefit of it being easier to get them out of bed in the morning provides convenience to parents. 

Losing weight might be all a child has to do to reduce their snoring. Adenoids being removed can also help along with changing the position that a child sleeps in. 

You want your children to have the best quality of life possible which is nearly impossible when suffering from sleep apnea. Take the time to see if lifestyle changes can help anyone in your family reduce their snoring and increase their quality of sleep.