Keeping Kids On Track During the Pandemic

If it seems like most of the news during the COVID-19 pandemic, that’s because it is. Everyone has been impacted in some way by the events that have unfolded with respect to the virus. While much of the discussion has been on fighting the virus and the various parts of the economy that have been hit, there hasn’t been enough discussion on how this impacts kids and families at home. Phrases like distance learning and e-learning have become common as parents try to keep their kids on track when it comes to their education. While parents used to have a routine that involved getting kids up in the morning, getting them out the door to go to school, and then helping them with homework, this all takes place at home. This has caused many parents to wonder how they can possibly keep kids on track with the distractions at home.

Some parents are also forced to work from home during this time. This can be distracting as they hear the noise of school happening in the background while they are trying to focus on their job. While some parents have turned to distractions such as popular video games, this isn’t going to help kids with their schoolwork. Instead, parents need to come up with other, more constructive ways to keep kids on track during this difficult time.

One of the first tips that parents need to remember is that it is okay to talk to kids about what it going on. For example, kids in high school should be able to understand what is happening on the same level as an adult. Younger children might need to have the events explained in different terms; however, pretending like everything is okay is not going to be the answer. Kids are smart and they can tell that something is different. If they understand what is happening, they will know why they have to stay on track with their schoolwork. Then, they will be more cooperative.

When it comes to keeping kids on track in school, a routine is essential. Try to get them up at the same time every day. Eat lunch together at the same time every day. Have a designated area in the home where kids go to school. This structure will keep kids focused on what is happening as the day unfolds. Then, once this crisis has passed, kids will be able to adjust back to the regular routine more easily. Kids need to stay up to date with their education even during this challenging time.