Mental Health Tips for Kids During the Coronavirus Quarantine

The coronavirus has changed everything. It has forced businesses to close, it has made us scared for our health, and it has kept friends and family members separated from one another.

The social distancing aspect can be especially difficult for children. When a child is away from their friends it can be devastating. Not sticking to a schedule and not being able to leave the house much can add to their depression making the lockdown quite unpleasant.

Most parents will do their best to keep their children happy during this difficult time. Here are some mental health tips for kids that will keep their spirits up as the coronavirus rages on.

6 Mental Health Tips for Kids

Talk to Them

Everyone in the house will be feeling the effects of the coronavirus quarantine. It is important to acknowledge these feelings. Talk to your children to help them correctly label their feelings and check in regularly to see how they are doing.

Encourage Them to Reach Out

While the coronavirus rages on, many are staying connected to friends and loved ones through video conferencing, texts, phone calls and social media. Encourage your child to reach out to their social circle to keep depression at bay.

Keep Them on a Schedule

When thinking of mental tips for kids, keeping them on a schedule will also keep them happier. Even though they are not going to school, you can make up a schedule that includes showering, regular meals, chores, exercise and even walks outside.

Provide Them with Good Lighting

Dark spaces can increase depression. Make sure your home is properly lit by letting in as much natural light as possible. This will also allow vitamin D to get in which boosts energy levels.

Limit Screen Time

Research shows that there is a link between depression and screen time due to the limited human eye contact kids are receiving. Therefore, it is best to limit screen time to no more than 2 hours a day. It’s also a good idea for parents to turn off the news when kids are around as this can be quite depressing.

Provide Supplements

You may also consider giving your child all-natural supplements that are recommended for boosting their mood.  These include the following.

Calm Kids: The Terry Naturally company has developed hundreds of nutritional and botanical formulas that are best sellers on the health industry market. Their Calm Kids supplement promotes mental focus, a calm mind and emotional wellbeing. The capsules can be mixed into food making them easy for your child to take.

Kids Calm Restore Herbal Drops: Gaia Herbs is known for growing the certified organic herbs they use in their homeopathic products.  Their Calm Restore drops produce a calming, relaxing effect to support a healthy mood. The drops can be diluted in water and juice and used up to three times a day.

We are all hoping a cure for the coronavirus comes sooner rather than later. In the meantime, these mental health tips for kids will help your child get through the quarantine with a smile on their faces.