Preparing for a Dance Photoshoot

Modeling for a photoshoot can feel a lot different than dancing on a stage in front of a crowd. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your next shoot, whether it is portraits, team headshots, or for your own use online.

Warm Up and Stretch

Shoots can be really fast-paced. It’s good to start out by taking the necessary steps to get your body ready for the dancing and posing you’ll be doing. It’s a good idea to stay in your warm-up clothes at this point so you can keep your muscles from getting cold. 

Find Pose Inspiration

Before your photoshoot, find examples of poses and styling you like that you can imitate. Pinterest is a great option to find ideas. Write them down so you know to hit each one of them during the shoot. A variety of still and movement poses are good to have so the camera can capture you in different ways. Practice these poses ahead of time in front of a mirror so you can see how they’ll look in pictures. When holding these poses for the camera make sure to do them several times during the shoot so you can get a shot you like of the pose.

Plan Your Outfits  

Have several different dance outfit options—from leotards and dancewear to flowing dresses and everyday casual outfits, the more variety the better.  Remember to pack accessories and props to use as needed. 

Hair and Makeup 

Before the shoot, style your hair and makeup ahead of time the way you’ll want it for the shoot. Be sure to bring hair spray, extra hair ties, bobby pins, etc. You never know when you’ll need to fix your hair or wrangle a flyaway hair. Makeup should be bold, rather than natural so it shows up better on camera and it noticeable. Bringing your makeup to touch up when needed, is also really important so you can always look your best. A hand-held mirror can help you make sure your hair and makeup continue to look how you want them to. 

Have Confidence

This photoshoot is your time to shine.  Show off your strengths as a dancer and what makes you unique and beautiful.  Playing music that inspires you can help you get in the mood to post your best. Think about what inspires you about dance and how far you’ve come. Just remember, you’ve got this!