Signs That Your Teen Might Not Be Ready To Drive

Driving is a rite of passage that everyone has to go through at some point. The tough truth is that you might have multiple teenagers and only one of them is not ready to drive. You do not want to put others on the road at risk due to giving in to your teen’s demands. You need to set strict rules when it comes to driving as it is a huge responsibility. Teens might need to drive more than you might think, especially if they go to a school far away. Teens involved in sports might also have to drive to practice at various times of the day or night. The following are signs that your teen might not be ready to drive. 

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is something that impacts all walks of society regardless of age. The number of people that deal with addiction either directly or indirectly is staggering. There should not be any tolerance for drinking and driving. Teenagers make mistakes so giving them the opportunity to call you is important. Too many teens have gotten hurt and hurt others due to being scared of punishment from their parents. This does not mean to accept underage drinking but remember this is the most confusing time of a person’s life. 

Lack Of Responsibility With School 

Driving is a privilege that should not be given to every teen. Going to school is immensely important and skipping school should not be tolerated. Requiring certain grades can be an option if you have a teen that is gifted in school. Other teens might not be great at school but attendance and behavior truly matter. You want to set your teen up for success through teaching respect of rules even if they are overzealous like they are at a number of high schools. 

Maturity Levels Are Very Low

Maturity levels differ with all teens as some are very mature while others might need a few more years to mature. Judging maturity levels can be very difficult unless you have had an older child that went through the same process. Be honest with yourself and your teen. You might see a shift to being more mature if driving depends on it. 

Refusal To Follow Simple Rules

Simple rules are a part of life that you have to follow in your personal and professional life. The last thing you want is any legal problems stemming from your teen driving. A reckless driving charge can come with the same penalties as a DWI in some states. A reckless driving lawyer can be immensely helpful as sometimes speed limits change quickly. Certain states have laws that anyone going over 15 miles per hour over the limit results in a reckless driving charge. 

A teen being able to drive is a huge decision for parents. There are certain times where a parent has to be strict as not all teens are ready. Do not let your anxiety make the decision but rather base this on past behaviors of your teen.