The Impact of Low Sex Drive and How to Fix it

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Movies and books tend to portray men as sex obsessed. However, libido tends to differ from one person to another. Also, while for some, satisfaction is crucial, others wish to experience perfect stimulation first. Then there’s the fact that age can impact libido, with 4 out of 10 men above 45 years of age experiencing low testosterone levels and therefore low sex drive, according to an article on WebMD. The risk might increase with age.

One common solution for a lack of libido could be high-quality and effective erection pills. VigRX Plus, in particular, is packed with natural ingredients, like saw palmetto, known to increase testosterone levels, according to experts at, an unbiased review site for penis enlargement pills. In fact, such supplements can increase sexual satisfaction by a whopping 71.43%. Low sex drive can have a severe impact on the relationship too. Take a look at some tips to improve sex drive.

Bad Sex Equals an Unhealthy Relationship 

It is a no brainer that dissatisfying sex can overshadow other positives in a relationship. With impaired performance, there comes a sense of extreme self-awareness and decreased confidence. It could also be a sign that something is not right, leading to long-term dissatisfaction. On the other hand, positive experiences of intimacy can enhance the bond. Therefore, it is crucial to connect and interact for a nourishing experience. Along with approaching your partner for a solution, check out the VigRX Plus reviews for informed support. 

How to Boost Your Libido Naturally

Sex satisfaction might not always be up to the mark. But that does not mean the relationship is doomed forever. Take a look at a few ways to rejuvenate your sex life. 

Exercise Regularly 

Running or swimming for 30 minutes a day can improve your libido and even get your heart rate up, according to an article on Healthline. In fact, regular physical activities can correct body image issues and help men develop better confidence in bed.

Know Your Arousal 

What turns you and your partner on? Which sexual move could get both of you in the mood? Try to figure out new things you can try together to spice things up and enhance arousal. Often, sex drive is not natural and requires conscious effort. For example, sex chats, watching porn together, touching each other, roleplay and fantasy can provide a good head start. These, along with the best penis enhancement pills, can increase blood flow to the penis, leading to higher quality erections.

Sleep Well 

Lack of good quality sleep has been linked to low libido by several studies. This is because sleep difficulties can reduce the production of testosterone and estrogen, while releasing stress hormones, called cortisol. The phenomenon leads to lowered libido. Therefore, once you start taking care of your sleep schedule, there might be a noticeable change in arousal. 

In case you are considering a supplement, make sure you learn about the ingredients, dosage & side effects, as well as how does it work. If plenty of customers vouch for their benefits, it could be a trustworthy product. Herbs and extracts proven to improve erections and libido have been used to formulate VigRX Plus, say customer reviews. Learn more for an informed choice.