Top Ways to Overcome Workplace Distractions

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Majority of companies have resorted to work from home options; a safe solution to contain the spread of Covid-19 and keep employees protected. With advanced technology and improved employee coordination, the process has been seamless. However, even the brightest of employees might get frequently distracted by social media notifications or ringing phones at home. Distractions can lead to mental fatigue.  In fact, each task you do takes up a measurable amount of glucose and makes you less efficient for the next one, according to an article on Psychology Today

So how would you focus on your task without getting interrupted every few minutes? Well, one of the most efficient solutions would be brain supplements which improve focus. LumUltra in particular, can improve focus and processing speed through a combination of several ingredients, say experts at The supplement boasts of little to no side effects, making it safe for all age groups. However, make sure to read the customer reviews and ingredient list before trying any medicine out for the first time. 

If you are looking to keep your focus, concentration and attention span intact for long hours; below are the tried and tested methods for a successful outcome. 

Keep Your Deadlines in Mind

You need to focus hard to push through the deadlines. No matter how exhausting it is, not completing the task on time can lead to long-term troubles. You might have to put in extra hours of works which can roll over to the weekends. In fact, pending files coupled with a fresh day’s work becomes quite hectic. Keeping in mind these hassles, will push you to avoid distractions. 

Control Distractions 

Frequent distractions can affect your mood, create a negative impact on your mood and prevent you from getting any work done on time, according to an article on Forbes. One great way to improve concentration is to resort to brain supplements. Read the dosage & side effects and how does it work first. Though rare, this will prevent any impacts on existing medical conditions. Vitamin E, Ginko Biloba, CDP-Choline and L-Theanine are some basic ingredients which can increase mental alertness.

Set Colleague Boundaries

Even if you are not sitting with co-workers around you; some can still keep you distracted. Slack pings, non-work related e-mails or zoom call invitations for casual chats are some examples. Often we give in to cut down the monotony of lonely work days. Video calls are decent alternatives to face-to-face interactions, but can waste crucial hours.
Set boundaries so that you can concentrate on your work. Instead of just blocking them, set time aside for social interactions. Tell them politely that you have important tasks at hand which require high mental clarity. 

Restrict Social Media Usage 

Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat today have become more than just entertainment platforms. We get to see news from all across the world through stories and posts.  These can keep us hooked for hours without us realizing at times. However, quitting social media can improve self-esteem and keep concentration troubles away, according to an article on SCL Health. Train your mind to avoid getting distracted and check your handles during break hours only. 

Consume brain supplement & improve memory but don’t forget to read customer reviews first. Follow these easy tips to see a spike in productivity and improve focus.