Veterans, senior citizens, and disabled persons may be entitled to property tax exemptions that reduce or eliminate tax liability. In general, veterans and their families are disproportionately reliant on state and federal support services. Senior citizens often depend on fixed incomes and an increase in the property taxes owed couldContinue Reading

Any explanation about immigration with a child starts by asking the child what he or she knows, has heard, or has questions about. Immigration is a complex subject that intersects in politics, news, and family dynamics. Likely, any child that has questions about immigration was exposed to these subjects whileContinue Reading

Purchasing a teen’s first car can be a stressful but exciting purchase. Firstly, you should consider researching the teens’ needs for a vehicle. For example, some questions to ask before purchasing might be:  How often will they drive? How far will they drive? What is the budget for the car?Continue Reading

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a chronic condition that is characterized by a low attention span, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. It starts at childhood and it can persist into adulthood. Research shows that fidget and focus toys for ADHD may be effective in minimizing symptoms. New studies show thatContinue Reading

As the weather grows cooler and people still want to spend time outdoors, backyard fire pits have become even more popular. Homeowners who have had a backyard fire pit for a while may have run out of ideas for fun family activities to enjoy while surrounded by the warmth. BelowContinue Reading

The ever-changing nature of information surrounding COVID-19 can make it hard to pin down the facts and make safe choices for ourselves and our families. And that’s even more true if you or a loved one are at higher risk for developing potential complications. There’s a lot of information circulatingContinue Reading

Movies and books tend to portray men as sex obsessed. However, libido tends to differ from one person to another. Also, while for some, satisfaction is crucial, others wish to experience perfect stimulation first. Then there’s the fact that age can impact libido, with 4 out of 10 men aboveContinue Reading