Fun Summer Crafts for Kids

This summer may be challenging for some. It’s likely kids are going to be stuck in their houses without much to do. Parents will be faced with coming up with activities to keep them entertained.

If your child enjoys being artistic and creative, there is a solution. Crafts can keep them busy for a good amount of the day. Read on to find out about fun summer crafts your kid is sure to enjoy.

4 Fun Summer Crafts for Kids

Paper Bag Puppet Monster

A small, brown paper bag can be the key to hours of summer fun. Start with a paper lunch bag and let your imagination run wild.

The bag will be inverted and the fold at the bottom will be used as the monster’s face while the rest of the bag will be used for his body. Your child can decorate him with paints, cardstock, glitter, cotton or any materials they choose.

Once your child has made their monster, they can use him for puppet shows. They can even make multiple monsters to carry out an entire skit. This is sure to provide tons of entertainment for you both.

Squirt Gun Art

This is a great outdoor activity that your child can do right on your front porch. Just set up some pieces of sturdy paper on an easel and fill water guns with different color paint.

Your child can squirt the water guns at the paper to create pieces of abstract art you will both treasure for years to come.

Jewelry Making

If you have a budding fashionista in the house, encourage them to explore their creativity with a jewelry making kit.

Jewelry making kits can be purchased through online retailers, but to be truly unique, have your child pick out beads and other trinkets that they can string on ropes and cords to make lovely pieces that express their personalities.

Make Slime

Every kid loves the ooey gooey texture of slime. It’s so gross!

Many people think Borax is required to make slime, but it can actually be made using a variety of safe ingredients like Elmer’s Glue, baking soda and saline solution. You can also use food coloring and glitter to make it look more interesting.

Mix the ingredients together and then your child can have hours of fun stretching the slime, hiding objects in the slime or using it to make different configurations.

Keep Kids Healthy This Summer

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This summer may be a little different but it can still be a lot of fun. There are plenty of crafts that can keep your child entertained while staying safe. Which of these will you be introducing in your home?