What to do if your child is injured at daycare by another child

As a parent, you hold your children in the highest regard. But when you find a daycare provider, you place your trust in someone who will take care of your child. But injuries can and will happen at a daycare facility. And there are several causes. A daycare can be held negligible of any injuries that may have occurred to your child at the facility. If your child has recently been injured at a daycare, you have legal options. And it starts by finding a daycare injury lawyer who will work with you every step of the way.

How Do Injuries At Daycare Occur?

As mentioned before, there are several factors that can cause injury to a child at a daycare. And they are linked to one common issue: inadequate supervision. Because of this, your child may be exposed to the following risk factors:

  • Falls
  • Playground injuries
  • Exposure and ingestion of toxins

These factors can cause serious injury and even death to a child. Daycare providers must be able to keep their facility safe so none of this ever occurs. Children must be supervised at all times. Because of their lesser level of coordination and inexperience compared to older children, younger children are more likely to suffer from injury. 

A child may fall from a diaper changing station or climb up on taller objects or structures and fall. And this can occur due to a lack of supervision. At the same time, injuries can be assumed for abuse. While the cases are few and far between, abuse can happen at daycares to a point where it can cause injury. 

If your child has had injuries due to abuse, your daycare injury lawyer will represent you in any civil suitcases. Remember to report any abuse to the appropriate authorities if you receive any tips.

What Should I Do After My Child Is Injured?

After your child suffered an injury at daycare, you must take them to see their pediatrician as soon as possible. This will allow them to diagnose any injuries. And it will provide information to your attorney should you consider pursuing legal action. While your child may be covered under your insurance plan, their medical care might not be enough to cover it. That’s when your lawyer will work to give you the maximum compensation possible while you focus on your child’s health and recovery. 

Don’t Wait Any Longer

If your child has been hurt at daycare due to a lack of supervision, you have legal options to consider. Our office has experienced lawyers that focus on daycare injuries. We’ll work with you to get the compensation you deserve for any medical expenses or other damages. 

All child care injuries sustained at daycare should be taken seriously. Most of these cases do settle out of court. But a lawsuit will be filed if and when necessary. Don’t delay.