Great Family Outdoor Activities for 2021

As we say goodbye to 2020, we are all hoping that the New Year will take us back to normality by signalling the end of the pandemic. Once that happens, you can start to plan some outdoor activities for the whole family and here are some cool ideas on how to spend free time with the family in the summer of 2021.

  • Camping – If you invest in a new Heritage Land Rover from Nene Overland, you have the perfect camping vehicle that will bring you many happy summers, as you travel around the UK and mainland Europe. The money you save on a 2-week holiday makes camping the ideal way for a family to appreciate the wonders of nature and with a solar blanket and a deep cycle battery, you will be energy independent. There are many campsites in all parts of the UK, as camping has become so popular with people of all ages and there are some great parts of the British Isles that offer a unique holiday experience.
  • Homestay Holidays – If you would like to know how life is for a Cornish farmer or a nature ranger in Scotland, why not take a homestay holiday? Immerse yourself in local ways and your kids will have a unique opportunity to experience life from another perspective, which can only be a good thing. There are online organisers of homestay experiences and you are not limited to the UK & Europe; you could live and work with a Thai fishing family or help an Italian olive grower to collect his crop. Check out some of the experiences offered and you might find something ideal that merges with a current interest. You might fancy creating a fire-pit in the garden, where you can all sit in the colder weather.
  • Nature Hikes – The long weekends are ideal for hiking and with your Land Rover Defender, you can explore off-road terrain If camping isn’t your thing, rent a family cottage for a couple of nights and plan day trips to the various places of interest. This could include mountain bike riding, if you buy a bike rack to put on your SUV, or you could hire bikes locally, while using the Internet helps you plan your excursions.
  • Explore the Beauty of Wales – While you might have been to Cardiff a few times, the northern part of the country is stunningly beautiful and you can book family size cottages online. Simply load up the SUV and you are good to go and if your kids are into history, Wales has more than its fair share of castles and battle sites, all of which can be found with an online search.

Whatever you plan on doing next summer, you do need the right family vehicle and you could trade in the family hatchback for a state-of-the-art SUV that is equipped for adventure. We all need some time outdoors after the pandemic is over, so start looking now and book your next holiday soon to avoid disappointment.