Moving On A Budget

Tips To Save Money On Your Move
When it comes to moving you have two options, you can hire movers to do the move for you or you can do it yourself with the help of friends or family. Obviously if you are using friends and family you are not going to be paying them so this is ideally the most cost effective way to save money on the move itself. You will want to supply meals for everyone throughout the move but that is typically delivery.

If you are hiring a moving company you will want to shop around. Crowdsource online and ask in forums and groups who the group members recommend when it comes to moving. Take the top five recommendations and begin calling. You should also ask what companies people do not recommend due to negative experiences. Cross-check the two lists in the event one company has just as many positive experiences as negative experiences.

When you call to inquire about moving you will need to have your moving date ready. The moving company may want to come out to provide a more accurate estimate but will typically ask you how many rooms you have and go over truck prices. Smaller moving trucks cost less than larger ones. When you hiring a moving company the movers also charge by time and mileage. If you can get everything moved in one truck and one trip you will find greater savings.

If you are not moving far and have a few days access to your new home while you are still in your current home you may want to make as many trips as possible with belongings in your own vehicle to cut back on the possibility of a second trip with the moving company. You can rent a truck or moving van and get large but lightweight items moved on your own time. Leave the heavy items that are difficult to maneuver to the professionals. By making a few trips on your own time you will greatly reduce the potential of extra trips, extra mileage and extra time with the professional movers.

Aside from the movers there are other ways to save money on your move. Make sure you keep a running check list of your utility providers. You will need to make all utilities aware of your move. This will allow them to shut off service at your current address and then activate service at your new address on the dates that you pre-determine. This way you will not be paying for service at a residence you no longer reside at. This is also a great time to shop electric suppliers and see if you can lower your monthly expenses on your electric bills.

Tips To Save Time and Sanity On Your Move
When people think of moving they think of the move itself. There is a lot that goes on leading up to the move and after the move. To save time and sanity throughout your move you will need to be as organized as possible. As soon as you know you are moving you will want to create that reminder of utilities and service providers that need to be switched. Set reminders in your phone or write them on your planner. You will also need to reach out to the postal office to have your mail forwarded to your new address and have any subscriptions that you receive updated with your new address information. Contact all of your doctors offices with your new address and if you have children in school you will want to make the schools aware of the move as well. Taking care of all of this paperwork is tedious but by getting it done and out of the way you can focus on packing, moving and unpacking. Speaking of packing; make sure you label your moving boxes with a quick list of the contents and the room they need to be placed in. This will help the movers. If a box is clearly labeled “living room” or “kitchen” the movers can place the box in its intended room.

Take some cleansing breaths and try not to stress throughout the moving process. It can seem daunting but it is fast and sometimes a fresh start is what we all need.